We have some amazing women contributing to bring Motherheart into the world and supporting us from their hearts in different ways. Co-creation is a fundamental part of Motherheart. All that starts from within is reflected in the external visible world. Where would we be without them? This is our fabulous Motherheart team:

Asha Hossain

Founder & Curator of Motherheart, Yoga Teacher and Truth Enthusiast

Asha curates a safe and sacred space for mothers by listening and acting from her Motherheart. Her background in recruitment and coaching and her profession as a yoga teacher taught her to empathize and connect in a truthful way. Holding space and bring that fertile ground to co-creation, sharing knowledge, educating & encouraging others is what she loves to do. It’s a wonderful practice into “not always doing but sometimes letting go and trusting the process”.

Asha is a mother of a gorgeous 2-year-old daughter and that role has given her the space to put all she has learnt in the past years into real life practice. It feels like motherhood has thrown her into a deep blue, beautiful but wild ocean and now she is finally learning how to swim.

If she could share something with the world it would be: You are exactly where you need to be!

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Nadia Scherpenhuijzen

Project Manager, Online Marketing Specialist & Doula

Nadia contributes to Motherheart by raising awareness about this new born creation as a project manager and through online marketing.

She has been working in this field for many years and during her pregnancy everything she has been practicing (holistic health, yoga, ayurveda) suddenly made sense and she decided to become a doula.

Her mission is to guide women through a more conscious pregnancy and birth. She empowers women and look after the emotional well-being of mama and her family and provides unobtrusive, compassionate, and experienced support throughout labor. With such help, parents can capture the special moments and priceless experience of their own unique childbirth.

She is addicted to mother circles, probably because it has so many similarities with a birth room. It’s intimate, you are invited to set emotions free and you can truly be yourself. It’s magical.

If she could share a message with the world it would be: giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your biggest fear. Follow your own path, listen to your mama-intuition and carefully select the people in your birth team.

You can find the amazing Nadia in here

Sophie Brokman

Healer, Massage Therapist, Content Creator and Passionate Connector

“Live your life from the heart in authenticity and make truthful choices that serve you and therefore others”

Sophie contributes to Motherheart in the creation of all related to (editing) content.

Although she is not yet a mother herself, she has felt from a young age that she is here on earth to give birth to new life. Motherheart inspires her by the beautiful women participating and the message we want to bring across. It is time for conscious mothering by creating connection, vulnerability and sharing knowledge, experiences and being together as women. Sophie is grateful for all wisdom that is shared through Motherheart, and it is definitely her big wish to put all these beautiful teachings into real life practice one day.

If she could share a message with the world it would be: be kind to yourself, embrace your own unique beauty, and become softer to enable yourself to truly know which direction life is inviting you to move. Remember: don’t forget to smile and take yourself too seriously; we are here to experience joy and light : )

You can find the gorgeous Sophie here

Wendy Symons

Family Life Photographer and Mother

Wendy contributes to Motherheart as resident photographer. She just can’t describe how much she loves to photograph mothers and their children, to capture the love and bonding between them.

Wendy is mother of a two-year-old son. Every day she shows him daily life and the world in the most loving and patience way. He shows me the world through his child’s eyes. We learn from each other. Wendy is proud to be part of this beautiful community where mothers can learn, lean, share and support one and other.

If she could share something with the world it would be: think about our planet and every living creature on it. It is just so simple… be kind and helpful. Such a nice gift and it is for free;) You will get a lot of love in return most of the time!

Find out more about lovely Wendy in here


We’re always looking for people who feel a strong connection with Motherheart. If you have the following unique skills and you feel the call to contribute to Motherheart please connect with us.

Social Media | Non-profit | Design | Communications

We’re looking forward to here from you!
Do you feel we’re missing out on something and you are the right person for it? Please get in touch by sending an e-mail to: hello at motherheart dot org