Victoria Hyndman – Raven

Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Therapist & Mother

“Mothers need to be mothered.”

Born in Canada, Tory spend her adult years living in various countries around the globe before landing in New Mexico to study yoga and Ayurveda.

Pregnant with her first child, she completed her studies and learned various tips geared towards pregnancy and childbirth. Tips that she eagerly shares with other woman during various workshops.

Through motherhood, Tory experienced firsthand the inner transformation during pregnancy and the period after giving birth. She became well aware of the risks of depression and mental instability when not properly prepared for the transformations of motherhood.

What she would have liked to tell her younger self and would like to advice others, is to practice early morning meditation to truly hear the voice of your heart.  “You have all the wisdom inside to guide your path and remember you are carried by the Divine Mother”.

Her mission is to give women the space to discover who they truly wish to be and how they would like to live to their fullest potential. Because everyone has a choice, if given the opportunity to choose who they want to be. She want to help women transition into motherhood not just by guiding them through the delivery of their baby but also by guiding them into their new role as a mother.

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