Nena Complo

Mother, Doula, Healer & Student of Dance

“Always see the good.”

Nena has a mission to support women and their partners in deeply connecting with their inner self wisdom as well as each other as they consciously move through the cycle of life, full of love when welcoming a child.

She serves from her heart and through her connection with Spirit. Working with women and couples from various backgrounds, she feels deeply connected through her own experiences of integrity & authenticity.

Never failing to see the good in people and situations forms the base to which she is able to do the work she does.

As a mother, she feels intuitively drawn to her own children, as well as other mothers. As a doula she is keen to mother the (new) mother and always remembers to breathe whenever she feels worried or insecure. It is through breathing and dancing that she is able to connect to the earth and her loved ones.

The one thing that she would have liked to tell her younger self is that she should always trust herself and everything around her. From trusting her intuition and instincts, to trusting the good, love and Spirit.

And the message that she shares with others today is to never stop dancing!

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