Lidewij Severins

Yoga Teacher, Family Constellation Facilitator & Mother

“Connecting is so healing and empowering!”

At a young age, Lidewij’s mother introduced her to yoga and meditation. It wasn’t until after graduating from university that she started to practice it herself regularly. Eventually Lidewij travelled and studied yoga in India, Thailand, and Bali and felt the natural urge to share her passion with others. Though she studied with several teachers, she feels most influenced by Petri Raïsanen, whom she remains close to till this very day.

After becoming a mother herself, and a few months after her father’s passing, Lidewij grew a vast interest in family constellations.

More recently, Lidewij also gained a fascination in Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology and is able to perform Rebozo Closing ceremonies.

Her mission is to guide women on their journey, with an open heart and softness in order to help gain a better connection with themselves, their children, and others.

Lidewij believes that it is through 3 simple steps that you are able to truly move forward.

Explore and inquire : what’s happening and where does this come from

Share : simply sharing my fears, doubts and insecurities and ask for help if needed

Learn : how can I transform my fears into something that serves me

The one message that she would have loved to tell her younger self and would like to remind others of, is the realization that everyone is perfect the way they are.

“Relax and enjoy. All will be well.”

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