Lauranza Harvey

Mother, Yoga teacher and holistic wellbeing enthusiast

“be kind. all the time.”

Lauranza is a free spirit with a creative heart and a passion for dance and movement. She is always inspired by people that do good and help change the world.

She is  also a huge holistic well being enthusiast. Her motto is to “be kind, all the timeWhether this be to ourselves, our families, animals or mother earth, I truly believe that all beings are equal”.

After years of craving to be a mother and it never seeming the right time to become one, she became the proud mother of a daughter and is currently expecting her second child. Being a mother is her number one priority and makes her want to be a better person. She believes that our children become what we show and teach them. With that in mind, her main goal is to love herself and to live life in a truthful, honest and kind manner so that her children will do the same.

After working as a digital project manager for several agencies in London for over 10 years, she realized her job wasn’t letting her be her true creative self and wasn’t giving her fulfillment she desired. So she started investing in things that did and used her paychecks to travel to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Malaysia. It was during these trips that she found yoga and it became a big part of her life. She trained to be a yoga teacher in India and applied what she learned back home. While still maintaining her job, she started teaching yoga on the side.

When she had her first child, a daughter, in 2017, she decided not to return to her job in the corporate world.

She currently teaches yoga and feels honored to guide women on their own personal journey through motherhood through her pre- and post- natal yoga classes. Helping them to connect with their bodies as well as their babies while gaining the confidence and understanding what nature intended: that our bodies are made to birth babies.

Her trick to overcoming insecurities is to focus on your breathing. It reconnects you to yourself and brings you back to the present moment. She also believes that by talking about our feelings and sharing emotions and fears, it relates your thoughts and usually tends to make you feel better afterwards. 

The lesson that Lauranza would have told her younger self is that it takes time to be great at something and that it is important to always be true to yourself even if it doesn’t align with what other people think you should be. Nothing is permanent, life changes and that’s okay. Continue to grow and evolve and “follow your heart and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something”.

Connect with free spirit and creative Lauranza through her website The Wilderness Club