Kim Geerts

Ayurveda Coach, Yoga Teacher & Dreamer

“Seek comfort with the ones you love”

As a young girl, Kim was really into dancing and everything that was ‘pink’. After high school she entered a masculine world and started to study law as she found justice very important. Although she loved her studies, practicing law in the financial sector created a sense of disconnection, which made her decide to start practicing Yoga.

Although her hasty life was transforming into a more balanced way of living, there was a time when her body started to get achy and her range of motion decreased. While she experienced continuous pain and tiredness, she continued working and studying as if nothing was happening. Until she soon discovered she had Rheumatoid Arthritis.

She came in contact with Ayurveda. Through this wisdom, she started to discover her personal, mental, and physical nature, and learn to make choices that would benefit her health. Although she gained a lot of wisdom and knowledge, she kept pushing herself until she was burnt out – a sign that she was living against her truth. Her burnout opened her eyes and made her stop judging herself and others. Due to her daily yoga practice and growing awareness she started to become open, soft and gentle and decided that it was time to start following her heart.

After years of living Ayurvedically, her complaints were gone completely (although the Western doctors couldn’t believe it!). She changed her life radically, and started following her intuition and do things that make her heart cheer. The integration of Yoga & Ayurveda in her daily life helped her to take responsibility of her life life, happiness and bliss. It gave her the strength to pursue her dreams without and now guides and inspires others to live a balanced life.

Becoming a mother was Kim’s deepest desire. The moment she decided with her boyfriend that it was time, they also considered the option of not being blessed. From that moment, she decided that whatever was going to happen, she would be a mom in the broadest meaning of the word.

Kim sees a lot of mothers struggling being divided by their own nature and what contemporary society demands from them, just like herself. To her, Motherheart offers all mothers a safe space to connect with each other and to allow being a mom in the true sense of the word. She truly believes in sisterhood, taking care of one another for the benefit of all mothers.

Her advice in times of turmoil is to seek comfort with the ones you love, start within regular meditation and yoga practice to remain balanced in life. If she could tell her younger self something it would be: nothing. She would just give her a big hug and kiss and say: “continue on your path”. Because if she would change anything, she would not be here and she is very content with where she is today.

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