Isabella Machinè

Warrior of Light, Plant-based Mama & Holistic Interior Designer

Turn inwards. The only way out is in.”

Isabella is mother of Luca (9 months old). Becoming a mother has unleashed a love so powerful and frightening at the same time. Every day she is learning to trust her motherheart a bit more.

Next to a mother, Isabella is Holistic Interior Designer and founder, together with her sister Lou Lou, of Go With the Glow. Both sisters are born and raised in Amsterdam with roots in Italy and Indonesia. They felt an inner most heartfelt desire to advocate for sustainability and veganism to make a change for the animals, the planet and human health, and that is why that started Go With The Glow: A daily guide to a plant-based, compassionate, sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

They believe that everything Glows from inside out and when you start eating a plant-based diet you will thrive, and it will benefit your health, the planet, the animals, and your soul! Therefore, their mission is to empower people to make informed (Food) choices. Isabella & LouLou believe education is the strongest tool to spread awareness and heal the world. This sister team give lectures, workshops and organize vegan events. They noticed that the best results come from experience and that is exactly what they want to create. Their aim is for people to experience how tasty, colorful and fulfilling a vegan menu can be and encourage them to eat with more awareness and connect with their core values of compassion.

Isabella finds Motherheart an important and valuable initiative as she believes our stories are medicine. It’s important to share these stories and connect with each other.

In times of turmoil her advice would be: Turn inwards. The only way out is in.

If she could tell her younger self something it would be: Relax! Don’t take yourself so seriously!

Learn more about Isabella and her inspiring work on Go With The Glow or  find her on Instagram