Guusje Wannet

Holistic Orientated Sex & Relationship Therapist and Mother

“Raising & loving our children is deeply connected with who I am and what I do in life.”

As a mother of three, and bonus-mom to another three, she is committed to raising her children in a conscious manner. Raising and loving her children defines Guusje and what she does in life. Juggling the different roles as a mother, entrepreneur, therapist and wife can feel overwhelming, however she tries to be aware of her own physical and mental well-being. “Knowing that I am not alone, is healing for the heart.” 

After studying post degree Sexology as well Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy and Tantra – Tao sex coaching, Guusje established and founded Sensual Glowin order to leave an impact on the world by sharing love, connection and true intimacy.

As she guides women and couples into a deeper connection with one’s self and each other, she approaches “sexuality as a portal to personal and spiritual growth”.

Experiencing the vast majority of interest, she realized how ready the world is to love and live according to our own authentic sexual truth.

When feeling insecure, Guusje practices what she preaches by login in to her own program, meditating, visualization, breathing or applying the Jade egg ritual. Extremely dedicated to her sacred sexuality practices, she always feels more alive and full of compassion and gratitude.

Looking back, she would have told her younger self that she is enough and worthy. That she is love. Taking each breath and trusting that all will be ok.

Guusje feels deeply connected with programs that lift and initiate personal and spiritual growth. She feels that Motherheart is just that and is honored to be part of this movement alongside this special group of sisters.

For more info about Guusje and her powerful work visit Sensual Glow