Ernestine Numan

Meditation & Energy Healing Facilitator, Holistic Coach & Writer.

“Our intentions of love always lead us the right way.”

Ernestine is passionate about creating a peaceful, loving space to retreat, whether it be for a few minutes or a few days, to find your true self the way you are intended to be.

She always knew that she wanted to contribute to the world through healing and growth facilitation. Her fascination with one’s true purpose lead her to various workshops and events with regard to life coaching and working with energy.

“When we find our true selves and start living from our heart, it truly transforms our lives.”

Ernestine knows all too well that the daily buzz can cause you to feel disconnected with your true self. She feels that it is our shared purpose to start being aware of that and start consciously living from the heart, especially as a mother.  Leading by example is what will help the future generation live life to their fullest potential.

She feels connected to Motherheart “because there is nothing as powerful as the transformative power within a sacred, connected group.  Whether we sit in silence or share our truths in complete honesty, our connection will heal, nurture and empower us.” 

When feeling insecure, she turns toward herself, checking in to see what it is that she truly needs at that moment. Acknowledging what is there and breathing through all that she is feeling. Practicing self-compassion is key to finding peace in the here and now. She admits that it isn’t always easy but it does help her. “it shows me how quickly we can transform darkness into light”.

The message that she would like to have told her younger self is that helping people find their true purpose and helping them “feel lighter” really is a profession. Growing up she wasn’t sure how to guide people along on their transformation. Now years later, she realizes that there is always a place to express your true self in order to fulfil your individual and universal purpose.

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