Dóri Varga

Founder Tribe de Mama, Writer & Artist

"In this moment, we are ever changing"

Dóri’s education is in art management and she has worked within the art world for 10 years in Budapest, Berlin, San Diego and online. She became a mother herself in 2014 which inspired her to create the platform, Tribe de Mama — a place where women and many mamas gather to educate and inspire each other. In the past couple of years, she dug deeper into her own personal artistry as well. This led to the birth of her first poetry book fueled by curiosity, when it comes to her true expression around womanhood, relating, trauma, psychology and philosophy. First Tantra and later Islamic studies gave her a frame and a lens. She connects with Motherheart as she loves weaving together with likeminded mamas.

Her connection with being a mother is:

  • identity + ease + confusion + intensity
  • softness + power + vulnerability + authenticity
  • creativity + stamina + openness + awakening

When Dóri feels afraid or insecure she shuts down. She is learning to deal with that, sometimes with simply letting her animal take a form, other times with softness and patience while holding her inner child. Either way it is an experience that must happen in order to let go and evolve from a space of denial towards a part of her she doesn’t want to face, into a space of more clarity around who she truly is.

In this moment, we are ever changing. Therefore, just because we figured one thing out it doesn’t mean we’ve figured it all out, one just cannot do such. The world is never the same. Why should we expect to come to an ‘end of healing’ at any stage of our lives? Have you ever heard of teal swan? This beautifully shows that life is just healing on healing on healing. She feels that by just surrendering and being in it without needing ‘completion’ (otherwise she would be bored and have nothing to write about :))

If she could tell her younger self something it would be: don’t be afraid to try, anything. Just go for it! Don’t be afraid of failure, it’s all part of the party!

Connect with Dóri and her beautiful work at dorivarga.com