Dolores Mae Höppener

Transformational Healer, Artist & Public Speaker

“I truly believe in love as a path that brings us and our planet back in balance.”

Dolores Mae is a transformational coach, healer, motivational speaker and artist based in Amsterdam. Extremely passionate about empowering people she has worked as a holistic practitioner for the last 3,5 years to reconnect people to their true nature. Furthermore, she guides people and organisations to thrive by sharing insights, tools and practices that have helped herself to live as close as possible to her true nature.

She has worked in the creative industries for many years, for international consultancies like Fronteer, Delight Agency and as a launching partner of the Inner Peace Conference. From firsthand she experienced how hard it is to balance the demands of our society with staying healthy and in true alignment to who you really are.

Through experiences, life put her on the path of self-discovery and without ever wanting to help people heal themselves it happened. 10 years ago, she was burning the candle at both ends by suppressing her deeper emotions and being in complete denial about it, and thus not dealing with it. Her life was out of balance. She thought she was connected to her body but found out she was disconnected and entangled in unhealthy ways of thinking. All of that came grinding to a halt when her body was throwing a red flag with one disease after the other popping up. No doctor nor any traditional medical institutions could help her. Because of that, she found her way to alternative medicine, which back then she didn’t actually believe in. As soon as she showed up to the process of listening to and healing her body and heart – respecting her emotions while nourishing her soul – her entire world started shifting without looking back. Ever since, she has had the privilege to work with some of the best teachers and practitioners in the world to reconnect to her true potential and served others to reconnect to theirs.

She supports Motherheart first and foremost because of the founder Asha. Asha is an incredible woman who is following her heart’s desire. A desire that comes from truth — answering a call.

The call to connect with other mothers that are hungry to open up a different kind of conversation; a more loving connecting view on the whole process of motherhood: conception, pregnancy, miscarriage, giving birth and raising a new being in this world. She truly believes in love as a path that brings us and our planet back in balance. To her, connection parenting plays a big role in that as how we raise our children today effects our world tomorrow. This starts with conception and the willingness to learn and adjust, to see our children as wise ones. We should be looking for the needs of our children instead of parenting by coercion, through love instead of fear. Her parents have given her trust to be able to make her own decisions from a very young age. They treated her as a wise person from the very first moment.

Dolores Mae is caring a little woman right now. She is due 7-7-2019. The whole process of pregnancy connects her with a feeling of being a mother. A year before she carried another soul for 10 weeks, in contrast to the one she is carrying now, this one was not planned.
When she connected with the energy, she felt that this energy didn’t want to be manifested in this reality. Although, she already started feeling the connection, the motherhood and the love on a higher level she knew it was right to let it go. Her womb was moaning that she had to let go of the unborn child. This experience taught her that a miscarriage is not a miscarriage in the way we look at it these days… There is way more wisdom behind it.

In times of fear her advice would be to connect with yourself to find out what it is that you need. Where does the fear come from? Where can you feel it in your body? What does it want to show you? Is it the kind of fear that allows you to grow? When it does, thank the fear for protecting you and tell it that you’re not listening to it. If she can’t get out of it herself, she would share. Through experience, Dolores Mae has learnt that what you feel is not only within you, but lives in our society as well. Sharing helps others too.

If she could tell her younger self something it would be:At all times, be aware of your potential greatness and inner strength. You are allowed to be the light you are. I love you.

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