Debra Kilby

Soul Midwife, Baby Spirit Medium & Energy Healer

"Be curious about the fear or the feeling and what the thoughts are that have created it."

Through her challenging journey into motherhood and searching for answers and healing, Debra not only re-discovered herself, her future baby but also her life purpose, which is to support mums and mums in waiting on their journeys to motherhood. To help them connect more deeply with themselves, their babies here, and in spirit.

Debra is a baby spirit medium, qualified energy healer and channel for spirit working with the energies of her own spirit baby guide Rosa, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Mother Earth. Through intuition and energy healing, she guides and empowers women to find their own answers, heal, connect with themselves, their children and future children.

Debra’s heartfelt wish is to guide mums and mums in waiting to a deeper understanding of themselves and their journey to motherhood, to help them release and find resolution to past traumas and challenging experiences, to find the gifts in their journey. To bond with and understand that their babies and future babies in spirit have their own choices and journeys to make.

She is a qualified Spiritual Counsellor, EFT (tapping), Matrix and Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Advanced Theta Healer and Advanced Soul Plan Reader. Debra has been practising energy healing since 2010 and she is a member of the HHC – Holistic Healing College, EFTMRA association and Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge.

Debra is a mum of two boys, currently 6 and 11 and 5 angel babies. Her soul purpose is to guide women back to love, back to who they truly are. For themselves, but also for their children and future children. From the moment of conception, we are conscious beings, not to mention our past and ancestral history that we bring with us. If we as women allow ourselves to heal our own wounds, heal our wombs, our past; to be self-aware and move into self-love and self-belief – anything is possible. She loves Motherheart because it is a safe and open space for us all to share the ups and downs of our journeys to motherhood. Our support, our wisdom and above all our love and compassion. And so together, we rise.

In times of turmoil her advice would be: Breathe! Call all your thoughts back and send a grounding energy cord into the earth. Be curious about the fear or the feeling and what the thoughts are that have created it. The situation is never the situation! It is our thoughts around a situation that create suffering and fear. If you feel the need, reach out to someone who can listen and guide you back to a place of trust that all is well.

If she could tell her younger self something it would be: don’t worry what anyone else thinks. You are here to live your life and being led what others expect. You are enough, you are loved, beyond measure and you are perfect just the way you are.

You can connect with Debra and her beautiful work on her website Debra Kilby