Debby Ixchel

Yoga teacher, Intuitive Guide, Boho Spirit & Single Mami

“Let’s hold each other’s hand and rise together”

Debby is a true traveler by heart and have always been amazed by other cultures and languages, which is why she studied Spanish, linguistics and intercultural communication. Her daughter is her greatest gift as nothing has opened her eyes as much as motherhood did. Motherhood came to her as a surprise, and it was a rough experience. She almost felt like dying giving birth due to HELLP syndrome, taking care of her premature baby, while she needed time to heal herself. On top of that she was left by a deadbeat dad who never cared to look back.

Nevertheless, after a healing period of a year she was committed to show her daughter that dreams are there to be chased and make them a reality. Now she is traveling with her daughter, which is the most profound and humbling experience of her life.

The message Motherheart wishes to bring across resonates with her on a deep level, as she believes mothers need support, consciousness and connection. With our individualized culture it almost seems like a shame to ask for help, while she learned that we can’t do it all by ourselves. There’s no competition; let’s hold each other’s hand and rise together.

Motherhood has shown her that she still has much to learn, although she thought she was quite mature. Her daughter makes her feel like a child at times, but she appreciates her presence as if she were an adult.

Her advice in times of turmoil would be: trust your gut, research the web and ask friends for help. If she could share some wisdom with her younger self it would be: there is really nothing to fear in this life, nothing. You’ve got it all!

You can find Debby and her beautiful work at Debby Ixchel