Corinne Laan

Holistic Childbirth Facilitator, Slow Grieving Mentor & Acupuncturist

“Life may never play out as you planned but every experience on your path allows you to prepare for what comes next.”

Corinne is blessed to be the mother of two young boys, and a licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Her passion for healing started many years ago, in 1990 when she became a nurse. As her career progressed, Corinne became a specialist nurse in the field of child development and supporting mothers and families during the early years. Her curiosity for complementary therapies continued to blossom over the years as well.

Corinne grew up on an island where plant medicine, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine are practised. Unfortunately, native plant medicine has faded out due partly to colonisation and knowledge not being passed down. Her curiosity for traditional medicine first started as a hobby. Aromatherapy, shiatsu, yoga, Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine were teachings she explored with great interest.

Her move to the Netherlands was a blessing as it became a wonderful opportunity to switch from Western medicine to complimentary therapy focusing on traditional Chinese Medicine. Ever since, she has combined her Western medicine knowledge and Chinese medicine to provide a unique service to the community. In 2013, after a retreat in the United States, she felt there was a great need for healing in our community. Slowly, over the years which followed, this vision took shape. She decided to use her knowledge to help others recover after a traumatic life event and healing after a loss.

Motherheart is in alignment with Corinne’s vision of supporting and helping women. She believes that by working together more can be achieved.

In times of turmoil her advice would be: Take a few moments to feel grounded helps to calm down your mind, stop any negative thoughts and gain more clarity on the situation.

If she could tell her younger self something it would be: Life may never play out as you planned but every experience on your path allows you to prepare for what comes next. Simply trust that all will work out just fine or even better that you ever could imagine.

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