Christine Beijnen

Teacher, Public Speaker, Activates magnetic frequencies and recent mother

“Life is full of magic and adventure, trust and believe and act from love.”

After years of working high-end jobs, Christine realized that things weren’t going as planned when she wanted to change course. While she kept seeking confirmation from the world around her, she felt as if she was deteriorating physically as well as mentally. Realizing this was not the path that she was willing to go on, she literally went down on her knees and prayed for change. What followed were 3 years of healing, soul searching and personal growth.

Through this journey she not only found herself  and the power of manifesting, but she also learned about quantum physics and neuroscience. Her fascination with modern science has helped her evolve personally and she has since made it her mission to teach others about these life changing energies as well.

In September of 2018 Christine established and founded “Cosmic Life”. Combining ancient wisdom with modern science, she has offers high-level coaching programs.

“through unique meditative practices, you’ll change your deeply rooted beliefs and activate your magnetic heart to attract the life you deserve.”

Christine became a mother in 2019 and is even more aware of her own thoughts and feelings. During her pregnancy she was conscious of her emotions and how she shared them with her child in her womb.

These days she thoroughly goes through her words, and ensures that the energy in their home, the way she speaks of herself and how she interacts with others is positive so that her son can mirror her as he grows older. Becoming a mother has opened up a whole new array of emotions. Feeling vulnerable and honored to raise a child. And all she wants to teach her child is that love is the energy that expands, connects and even heals.

In times of distress, Christine looks to the divine while she connects with herself. Connecting with herself and feeling gratitude for all that she has while asking for the wisdom to grow and evolve, and always closes with: “I am open & receptive for all the good and abundance in the universe. Thank you life.”

The lesson that Christine would have told her younger self is that she should follow her heart and explore what she is truly passionate about. “You have unique talents to help others… remind yourself that what you believe, is what you become. Dare to dream.”

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