Christina Gabriel

Spiritual Mentor, Birth and Loss Doula, Author

"We are the generation that is bringing it all together. Not choosing one dogmatic path but uniting the wisdom of different traditions."

Christina supports women in times of change and guiding them through transformation is an essential part of her work as a mentor and doula.

Experiencing physical illness in her early 20s brought Christina on a search to find answers beyond her medical treatment. She wanted to understand the reason behind her illness to avoid it happening again. Her answers brought her on the path of self-realization in which she received teachings from teachers from Peru to Tibet and learnt to understand her own purpose. Most of her work is to honour these traditions and simultaneously create modern approaches.

When she became a Carriage House Birth Doula in New York years later, she had already guided families through all stages of transformational work and was grateful to integrate this sacred part. It felt like a missing piece to the puzzle. Pregnancy is such a divine experience and brings up so many physical, emotional and spiritual components. It’s a re-birth from maiden to mother and a rite of passage.

As a Doula, woman, and mother Christina is called to educate and break the stigma around miscarriage and the often-forgotten miscarriage postpartum. She opens up the conversation around grief, pain, and surrender so healing can take place one day at a time.

Pregnancy loss can be such a lonely process and full of cliché comments and confusion. Have you ever realized that there is no specific word for parents who have lost a baby? If I lose my husband, I am a widow. If my parents die, I am an orphan. I am the Mama to a daughter that died and there are literally no words for it. I read of an idea that if we don’t name it, it won’t be real. That our society is simply unwilling to name the unthinkable.

Pregnancy loss is more than a statistic of one in four women. Like everyone, your story matters and needs to be told in order to heal. Christina is showing up to create change and teach why holistic self-care is so essential in this time and how to trust again when trying to conceive after a loss.

Christina believes that we are the generation that is bringing it all together. Not choosing one dogmatic path but uniting the wisdom of different traditions. Motherheart is nourished by love, community, commitment and offering a beautiful space to grow and receive nourishment.

In times of turmoil, Christina would remind herself that being afraid is a part of life and uses it as a compass of guidance. Fear often shows up when we are close to stepping out of our comfort zone. When fear arrives, she starts breathing consciously to return to her body and let her attention rest there. Once she feels grounded, she checks in with her body to learn what it needs in order to embrace the insecurity and then allows and follows what comes up. She believes in the wisdom of the body.

If she could tell her younger self something it would be: it will all make sense and it will all be worth it. Stay close to what feels good and keep following your heart. You are here to shake things up and live a multi-passionate life. You will go through dark times of the soul and you will rise again like a phoenix. Your path will unfold in divine guidance as you walk it with. Trust.

Find more about Christina and the important and wonderful work she is doing on her site Maria Christina Gabriel