Carolijn Braeken

Writer, Mother & Author of Motherhood

Talk to your loved ones as it helps her to get all the words out of your mind and heart.

Carolijn used to be a corporate lawyer at a law firm in the Benelux. After some time, she started to feel anxious, tired, and experienced continuous headaches and fatigue. She wasn’t listening to her heart telling her this work environment was toxic for her. Instead, she pushed away her feelings and went on in the ‘automatic pilot mode’, which wasn’t a long-term solution; shortly after that she was diagnosed with a burn-out. She decided to quit her job, to take a sabbatical year, and to find the true Carolijn again – her true self was still there somewhere, but had been pushed away by expectations, fears, and insecurities.

It was a long road, but she reconnected with herself again. The open, sensitive, creative one. She hugged herself, apologized for neglecting her, for making her feel like she wasn’t enough, and above all, she promised her to take care of her and to stay forever true to her. And she feels that’s probably what comforts people when meeting her. They know she will never change or apologize (for) who she truly is; a strong, open, sensitive, emphatic, and honest person.

Carolijn is a mother of 22 months old daughter, Olivia, and a new baby girl will enter her life in June 2019. According to Carolijn, Motherheart is such a refreshing, much needed community. A space without prejudices, or demanding guides on how to raise your baby. A place where you can feel safe, connect with your (mother) heart, to let all the undefined feelings go; a place for magic and wisdom.

In times of turmoil her advice would be to take a step back, listen to your feelings and thoughts. Try to remind yourself that these feelings don’t define you, allow them to be here. They will come and go. In the meantime, be extra kind to yourself. Talk to your loved ones as it helps her to get all the words out of your mind and heart.

If she could tell her younger self something it would be: You are this beautiful, unique human being and if you have the guts to just be you and to accept who you are, you are going to do great things; such simple words, but oh so powerful.

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