Alixe van Ogtrop

Ancient Wisdom Keeper, Healer & Mother

"when we heal ourselves we heal for all woman, for all man, for humanity, for the world."

After experiencing PTSD all Alixe wanted was to get better. What she didn’t realize, was that in her healing process and reconnecting with her true self, also came the realization to share her experience with others.

A true believer of the ability to heal ourselves true reprogramming, she went on a journey to heal energetically. Looking back at the past ten years, she realizes that the work that she does has also healed her. By combining ancient teachings, energetic and shamanic healing, Reiki Tummo and Eastern Yogi philosophies, with her science based psychotherapy education, Alixe focuses on healing trauma, depression and anxiety.

She sees many women carrying trauma, fear and pain of the past in their bodies and has made it her mission to help them heal by healing themselves. “Conceiving and delivering from a pure space so that we can raise our children in a conscious way.”

Alixe feels honored and grateful for being able take a stand for women to reconnect with their own true nature.

A new mom to a baby daughter, Alixe sees motherhood as a time where “a mirror of hidden fears, unresolved emotions and old believe patterns arise in order to embrace and transform them. By bringing children into our world, we purify ourselves.

By reconnecting with fellow sisters and in doing so, honoring ancient traditions, there is room for growth and helping each other through this journey of motherhood.

Alixe feels that Motherheart is more than a platform. It is a circle where mothers, grandmothers and mothers-to-be are able to come together and share tears and laughter by being each other’s guiding light.

In times of insecurity, Alixe turns to mother earth, the universe and the divine mother & father. Welcoming the feelings and thanking them for being and showing her what she needs to become whole again. Investigating what brought about these feelings and emotions and embracing, accepting and loving them as well.

She would have told her younger self that life is perfect the way it is. “To be resilient to the ever changing flow of life, and embrace it all.” because truth is, you are perfect just the way you are.

For more info about Alixe, go to her website: or find some of her healing work at & Nature Does It