Motherheart Circle: Messages from the spirit baby realm – February 4th


This special Motherheart circle is for women wishing to conceive and who are open to developing communication with their future babies. This will be an intimate evening of insight and connection for women who find themselves asking questions that go beyond the physical aspects of conception.

This Motherheart Circle will take place online on Thursday February 4th from 19.00 to 21.00 CET. (Amsterdam time).

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More background

During this evening you will be guided to feel into your connection with your spirit baby and empowered to begin communicating with them. Debra will introduce you to the concept of spirit baby communication, what it entails, how it occurs and help you to build your confidence to reach out to your future baby/babies and she will share messages and insights about the spirit baby realm and deliver any messages that come through. Find more info here