A little note from Asha

This initiative is something that comes from my Motherheart and hopefully resonates with yours! I truthfully believe in working and sharing together so we can create awareness amongst mothers around the world during all different phases of motherhood.

I also believe in conscious creating (not only creating babies but also creating businesses) and not rushing through things just to earn money and I find this a beautiful practice of mindful entrepreneurship & finding balance in all aspects of life. As a mother of a 3 years old daughter I want to spend my time consciously and with attention, with my daughter, myself, my husband, my friends & family and on this magical work. And of course, I need some time and space left, for all the other wonderful things that might be part of our lives as well 😉

For now, this means the focus is on growing and coming out and to let the world and all those beautiful mothers know that we are here! And whenever the space and the audience come up, we’ll start expanding with more programs, trainings, circles and events. Organically grown!

That doesn’t mean we’re passively waiting for ”it” to happen, so we would love it if you could spread the word and share our beauty and are always open for other ideas and new ways of growing! Let’s make this happen together!