Day 6 – Having a light heart

One of the most important realizations is that “getting pregnant” is not the ultimate goal per se, but that it is a part of your journey. Feeling grateful for your life as it right now leads to feeling lightness & gratitude while being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We want our children to arise and be born from a place of peace and love. We also want to continue to live our lives and enjoy it to the fullest.

In today’s practice, you’re going to feel. You will then proceed to write down everything you feel grateful for at this very moment. Make sure to actually feel it and not really force yourself to think about the things that you are grateful of. Feeling gratitude is the unique power of both manifesting and cultivating the simple joy of pleasure. Feeling it.

You could draw blank for several breaths, seconds, or minutes. If that happens, you’ll be fine. Don’t write anything down. Try again to name at least 1 thing that you feel grateful for.

That said, today I will be challenging you to explore gratitude in different areas of your life 😉