Day 5 – Surrender

Today allow yourself to surrender.

There are no tasks or “to do’s” scheduled for today. No digging or diving but simply putting your mind at ease and allowing yourself some rest.

Below you’ll find guided affirmations that are meant to help you release. From your intentions to everything that you have given attention to over the past few days. With these affirmations, you’ll be able to release them back into the universe and surrender.

If it helps you, you can symbolically take down the intention sheet that you have written on Day 1 and either place it somewhere special or burn it and give it back to mother earth. With it, you are completely surrendering to your conscious conception journey and sending it back into the universe.

You may have this conversation as often as you like. Make it a daily ritual, set the intentions, and change them if necessary. Create a womb conversation that suits and resonates with you.