Day 1 – Intention setting

On average we have about 80.000 thoughts a day. Can you imagine how much time we spend in our minds? In order to connect with your true intentions, you need to come out of your mind and connect with your truth, your essence, your heart. Below you’ll find a guided meditation that will help you to peel off all of the outer layers so that you can connect with your utmost truth.

Right after the meditation you can give your intention some love and energy by filling out the worksheet found below. Which you can take along on this 6-day journey.

Everything grows with love!


Use the sheet below to write down your intention.

You may want to print this worksheet out and write down your intentions in your own handwriting. This may help in adding extra power and energy to the intention. And if you feel like it, be creative! Use color, add little doodles and drawings. Bringing some extra energy to your intention. When you are done, fold the piece of paper and put on in your planner, stick it on your mirror, tape it to your closet door, wall or cabinet. Put it in a place where you’ll see it and be reminded of your intentions.

After time passes, a moment will come when you may decide to take it down and place it in a more private place, burry it in the garden or burn it to ashes. This, as a sign of letting go, surrendering in order to create space, trust and receive.


Note: Know that like life itself, everything changes, everything is in constant movement. Which means that your dreams, your goals, and your intentions can change along the way. Know that that is totally ok! You might come to realize that the energy might change around certain emotions and feelings. Allow this path to unfold as it is an invite to keep exploring and stay curious. To truly focus on your intentions instead of merely doing them out of habit or on automatic pilot.Because consciously focusing on your intentions is exactly what Conscious Conception is all about.