One Day Motherheart Retreat: Holding the mother

Sunday November 28th from 10.00 - 17.00 €139 regular ticket / €129 sister ticket

When a baby is born, the mother is born simultaneously. The life altering transition from woman to mother is truly immense. From healing after birth, transitioning into a new role, struggling with who you were and who you have now become, and for some even mourning the loss of what was, is the rawness of this beautiful journey called motherhood. Years after becoming a mother for the first time, you can still feel lost, trying to piece your new life together, finding your way back “home” and balancing the various roles, can be quite a challenge at times.

So while everyone admires the new baby, who looks after you? Who takes care of your while you take care of your family? Who makes sure that you are nourished with love, food and energy? As mothers, we have a place reserved for our children and our families and whatever is left is given to ourselves. But the truth is, we need to be taken care of as well.

“Where attention goes, energy flows”

During this One-Day Motherheart Retreat we will create a loving, safe & sacred space for all mothers. No matter how old your kids are, we are all mothers and we all need to be looked after every now and then. Through rituals, practices and sharing our stories, we will give love, attention and energy there where needed. You will leave feeling nourished and whole again, ready to take care of yourselves and your families again. Packed with tips & tricks to integrate simple nourishments throughout your day so that you can be more fulfilled in your role as a mother and caregiver.

What can you expect?

– We will come together in a safe, loving space
– We will create a ‘home’ within ourselves
– We will enjoy nourishing practices through movement, yoga, meditation & mantra
– We will provide inspiring rituals and practices for self-reflection
– We will give you self care & love tips that can be easily integrated into the raw messiness of motherhood
– We will be giving attention to our dreams, our sensual self as a woman, our body, our mind, and our whole self.
– We will find ways to define our true self once again
– We will share, listen, simply breath & be
– And mostly: we will go home feeling loved, nourished, and cared for. Feeling completely as we are.

Practical info

Asha Hossain is founder & curator of Motherheart, yoga teacher and a mother.
She has been integrating her sense of curiosity & consciousness on all levels of her life which she has been exploring until now and wanting to share with the world. Asha will be guiding you through this loving day filled with self-care and will be providing tools that can easily be integrated in your journey through motherhood.

Booking your ticket

The One-Day Motherheart Retreat is scheduled to take place on Sunday November 28th from 10.00 – 17.00pm  at Zwier de Vrijhaven. A ticket costs: €139 regular ticket / €129 sister ticket – €10 discount when coming together. To ensure a spot, please purchase your ticket here.