Motherheart Sessions: Raw Motherhood

Friday 14th August from 8pm - 10pm CET

Motherheart Sesssions
an online series of intimate circles around truthful topics.
Friday August 14th 8-10 pm CET with Lisanne Lambert Stoop

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Sometimes motherhood is not like we thought it would be.
We might have been made to believe it’s all sweet smelling baby oil and endless cuddles. But as much as this journey is filled with love, wonder and intimacy, it can also be raw, overwhelming, exhausting and intense.

Yet we almost never talk about that. Often shame and guilt block us from being truthful and we can start to feel very isolated in our experience.

Coming together with other women in truth, to see and feel the shared beauty and sacredness of the messy journey that is motherhood, can be a balm to the soul. A safe space where you will be guided to allow what you feel in the moment, without judgement, without advice. Simply being seen and heard. Together we can start to see how the most raw experiences of motherhood help us grow and blossom into our full potential as women.

For who?

For all mothers. Really for all mothers, no matter where you are, how you mother, how you look like, if you have kids, young kids, older kids. If you are happy in your role as a mother, sad, frustrated or a bit of it all. Really this circle is for all mothers!

What can you expect?

During this online Motherheart Circle Lisanne Lambert Stoop (If there is one person who knows how to combine rawness, vulnerability and fun, it’s Lisanne!) will hold space & shares practices through this raw and intimate evening. There will be plenty of room to share and connect with each other.

Booking your ticket

This online circle takes place on Friday August 14th from 8pm till 10pm CET.

You can book all 6 circles for €99 here (full program)
You can book 3 circles for €60 here
You can sign up for just this circle for €25 here

You are very welcome to share some of your questions beforehand so we can cover that during the circle. Please email us at:

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What are Motherheart Sessions?

This summer we will be hosting a full program of 6 online Motherheart Circles. These online sessions open up a safe space to share, talk, listen, feel and contemplate on topics close to our heart. Sometimes triggering or fearing us and at the same time healing us. During these sessions you will explore talks, practices that serve you in these truthful subjects and you’ll get the space to share and lean in to them.

We have chosen to do these circles with a maximum capacity of 10 women so there is both enough space to share and listen and room for more intimacy and bonding.  You can join these circles separately or you can buy a 3 or 6 time package (full program).