Motherheart Circle: Understanding yourself

Friday February 28th from 19.30 - 21.30 €25

Motherhood. It’s not a phase, moment in time, or event. It is life altering, there is a before and after. There is a version of you before becoming a mother, and one after.

Whether you are a first-time mom or have grown children, join our circle to truly understand and come to terms with who you are, all of you. To nurture the mother, woman and lover that you are. To give space to all these different parts of you, including your body and spirit. Through all the various phases of motherhood, it’s healing to understand yourself more.

Understanding yourself Motherhood can be super empowering and overwhelmingly difficult as well. When we take the time to truly understand ourselves on a deeper level, only then can we have awareness and compassion for our actions, reactions, feelings, patterns and the choices that we make. It will feel less lonely, stressful and will allow us to grow into a ‘new and improved’ version of ourselves. Dolores will help you achieve the true you.

What can you expect?

– A safe & sacred healing circle
– A true ‘soul bath’ nurturing your body, spirit and soul
– Insight on what motherhood does to our brains and everyday lives
-Work on your ‘inner child’ in order to better understand the mother in you & for true healing to take place
-Practice creating space for the woman and lover in you
– There will be plenty of space to share and connect
– Dolores Mae’s intention is for you to go home with more strength and power than when you came into the circle. Packed with a feeling of self-love and eager to tackle life.

These circles are healing and empowering. They serve as a safe place to meet and share with like-minded women on their journey through life and motherhood. Just come and be yourself while we guide you through the stories and practices, by simply being you.

Practical Info

Dolores Mae is a transformative healer with nearly 5 years of experience in helping others heal themselves. She explores how our unconsciousness creates our reality, how are habits and reactions come from our pains and how we can heal to live as close as possible to our true self. This circle will be a safe and loving journey focused on nurturing you, a gift to your soul.  

This Motherheart Circle will take place on Friday February 28th from 19.30 – 21.30 at Delight Yoga Weteringschans 53 in Amsterdam. A ticket costs €25. To guarantee a spot, please purchase your ticket here.