Motherheart Circle: Our mothers, births & babies

Friday October 9th from 19.30 - 21.30 €30

The way we perceive our own pregnancies, relationships and even our children, can very well be traced back to the experiences of our ancestors. 

How much do you know about your mother’s pregnancies? How did she experience it, Were the pregnancies planned? Were they conceived through love? Was there a partner involved? How did you experience adolescence? What was the relationship with your parents like? How is your bond with them now?

These and many more questions are of crucial and valuable essence in order to discover the connection you will have throughout your life and those of your children.

When several patterns no longer serve us, we tend to get rid of them. Some of them however, seem to have a recurring role in our lives. These patterns usually can be traced back, for example, to the way we were welcomed into the womb and into the world.

If your own birth was a traumatic, this may be of influence toward your perception towards childbirth. Or if your mother had a hard time bonding with you in those crucial first months or years of childhood, it most definitely will leave a mark and may be of influence to your own ability to connect with your child.

By exploring and understanding our own history, it helps us to better understand ourselves and our perception of parenthood. When exploring family bonds and imprints left on us by previous generations, we are able to shift our energy as well as our attitude and views.

By bringing our past experiences to light and being aware of our past, that is how and when healing can occur.

What can you expect?

– We will come together in a safe, loving space
– We will create a ‘home’ within and amongst ourselves
– We will enjoy nourishing practices through meditation, communication and sharing
– We will guide you through self-reflection exercises to detect the deeply rooted origins of our beliefs & patterns
– We will give you practices and suggestions that can easily be integrated into the raw messiness of motherhood
– We will be honoring and blessing our parents, ancestors, and babies
– We will share, listen, and explore together
– We will go home feeling loved, connected, and whole

Booking your ticket

You can book your ticket for €30 here

Practical Info

This Motherheart Circle takes place on Friday October 9th from 19.30 – 21.30 at Delight Yoga Weteringschans 53 in Amsterdam

About Lidewij

Lidewij was introduced to yoga and meditation at a very young age through her mother. It wasn’t until graduating from university that she started to practice yoga regularly herself.

After traveling and studying yoga in India, Thailand, and Bali she quite naturally started to share her  practices with others. Lidewij studied with numerous teachers,  yet felt most influenced by her teacher Petri Raïsanen, whom she continues to practice with and even assists on a regular basis.

After becoming a mother, and a few months later losing her father, Lidewij found an interest in family constellations and found a new passion in Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology.

Lidewij feels a deep connection through which she is able to guide you on your journey, with an open heart and softness to help you be able to connect to yourself, your baby, and others around you.