Motherheart Circle: Messages from the spirit baby realm

Thursday February 4th 2021 from 19.00 - 21.00 (CET) - €25

If you could share or ask anything to your future baby what would that be? Have you ever wondered about your future baby? Where they are, who they are? Why they wish to arrive? Is there anything you’d like to share with them, or do you feel they have a message for you before they arrive physically?

Women are the creators and givers of life. Women are a portal made up of love and for giving love. A woman is a being powerful enough, magical enough to be able to connect the worlds of spirit with the physical in order to birth new life.

Connecting with your spirit baby offers you insight into both your own as well as your baby’s needs and wishes. It also allows for an unconditional love to awaken and open up all your being…to love. Prior to conceiving, there are ways to connect and communicate with your future children.

“Your future baby is already with you, waiting for you to acknowledge them and connect in love.”

Communicating with your future baby

Your future babies are open and willing to share their love with you even before you meet each other physically.

If there has ever been a moment that you envisioned being pregnant or have had thoughts about becoming a mother occupy your mind, it is quite likely a sign that you and your future baby have already connected.

There is a community in Africa by the name of the Himba. The moment the mother first feels the desire to become pregnant, becomes the date of their child’s birthday and is celebrated as such.  This truly signifies the magic that exist even prior to you physically meeting each other for the very first time.

Creating and deepening your connection with your spirit baby prior to conception and continuing practicing this throughout your pregnancy,  is one of the most powerful and loving experiences you and your baby can gift each other with. It is through pre-birth communication that you are able to open yourself up even further to your own sense of self love as well as your ability to love. Allowing for you to reconnect with yourself and the magic and mystery that you hold and experiencing all that life truly is. It will help you feel more present, mindful and trusting in yourself, your body and your dreams.

What can you expect?

  • You’ll be coming home in a safe & sacred space
  • You will be guided to feel into your connection with your spirit baby and empowered to begin communicating with them
  • Debra will share some messages and insights about the spirit baby realm and deliver any messages that come through.
  • There will be plenty of space to ask questions, share, listen & learn with/from other like-minded women

Booking your ticket

You can book your ticket for €25 here

Practical Info

This special Motherheart circle is for women wishing to conceive and who are open to developing communication with their future babies. This will be an intimate evening of insight and connection for women who find themselves asking questions that go beyond the physical aspects of conception. We have limited spots available.

During this evening you will be guided to feel into your connection with your spirit baby and empowered to begin communicating with them. Debra will introduce you to the concept of spirit baby communication, what it entails, how it occurs and help you to build your confidence to reach out to your future baby/babies.

This Motherheart Circle will take place online on Thursday February 4th from 19.00 to 21.00 pm CET – Amsterdam time. (Limited spots)

About Debra

Debra Kilby is a baby spirit medium, qualified energy healer and channel for spirit working with the energies of her own spirit baby guide Rosa, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Mother Earth. Through intuition and energy healing, she guides and empowers women to find their own answers, heal, connect with themselves, their children and future children.

She is a qualified Spiritual Counsellor, EFT (tapping), Matrix and Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Advanced Theta Healer and Advanced Soul Plan Reader. Debra has been practising energy healing since 2010 and she is a member of the HHC – Holistic Healing College, EFTMRA association and Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge.

Debra’s heartfelt wish is to guide mums and mums in waiting to a deeper understanding of themselves and their journey to motherhood, to help them release and find resolution to past traumas and challenging experiences, to find the gifts in their journey. To bond with and understand that their babies and future babies in spirit have their own choices and journeys to make.

Booking your ticket

You can book your ticket for €25 here