Motherheart Circle: Dance with the goddess within

Friday June 18th from 19.30 - 21.30 - €30

The moment we enter motherhood, our mother heart is ignited. A big brave heart of gold that is held by our children. Our well-being becomes deeply connected with that of our children. Their happiness is that of our own. Their sadness is ours.

This interdependence is deeply rooted and works both ways: a mother can only pour from a full cup which in turn allows her children to feel free and safe.

Taking care of yourself, even though you are a mother, might be the most crucial thing to do. Not just for yourself but also teaching your children that taking care of yourself is a true act of love.

Authenticity & your inner goddess

As women, we take on a variety of roles. Getting to know these different roles and exploring them is not only an act of self care, but it also allows us to better understand them and tap into them whenever we need. Allowing us to break free and embody our authenticity.

What is sensuality and what does it mean to us?

Our sensuality is often the most ignored layer once we enter motherhood. During this circle, we will awaken our inner goddess and explore the beauty, movement, sensation and qualities. Awakening her and allowing her be free.

Because embracing your inner goddess can give us so much joy, creativity and pleasure, we will learn to integrate and embrace her in our everyday lives.

Let’s invite our goddess for a dance, shall we?

What can you expect?

  • a safe & loving space
  • nourishing practices (meditation, breathing, visualisation, dancing and sharing)
  • consciously & lovingly connecting to your yoni: honoring, listening & giving her a voice
  • sharing, listening & learning with/from other women
  • a journaling practice to help integrate the practices into your daily life
  • Isabella’s intention for you to go home feeling loved, connected, wholesome & sexy

Booking your ticket

You can book your ticket for €30 here

Practical Info

This Motherheart Circle takes place on Friday June 18th from 19.30 – 21.30.
Wear something that makes you feel comfortable, sensual and feminine. So pull out and wear your favorite dress or kimono!

About Isabella

Isabella is co-founder of “Go with the Glow” women’s and relationship coach. Throughout her own journey she has learned to incorporate self-love and finding her own strength. Realizing that she is responsible for her own life and happiness.

She believes that finding the balance of having a career that she is passionate about allows her to have room to practice self-care minus the guilt. Allowing her to be a loving, happy mother to her son.