A FREE Conscious Conception Practice

A gentle preparation practice to create and conceive - Free

Conscious Conceiving is such an important pillar in human life. Our life patterns, conditions and belief systems are shaped already before conception. Based on this, you can probably imagine that it takes time and most of all space to prepare yourself for conceiving.

Conception also is much more than the physical process and since becoming a mother, a father, a parent, is enormously transforming, it’s important to hold space for this to happen. Conscious conceiving is a way to kickstart your baby’s life and support you as a parent with embracing this new role.

This is a beautiful practice that will support you to prepare to conceive as consciously as possible and to build a fertile ground at different levels. It’s also a great practice for “one day soon”. You can never start too soon!

Everyone is welcome to join…

These are the practices you want to master yourself and share with others. If you somehow can’t be a parent, don’t want to a parent or already are a parent, this applies to you too. You can also conceive projects, phases of life, businesses. You can be a mother, a father of anything!

What can you expect?

This FREE online Conscious Conception Practice will take 6 days.
You will receive the practices by email and it will take about 15-20 min each day to tune into this practice.

  • You will learn how to consciously create space for conceiving
  • You will work with the 5 different bodies and dive into them
  • You will receive tools to integrate in your daily life and use them far beyond conception
  • These practices are a way to get to know yourself better and benefit you throughout different layers
  • You will optimize fertility on different levels (fertility in the broadest sense of the word – building a fertile ground)

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Not sure yet? Get inspired by this TED X Talk from Anna Verwaal!

  • A little note on the side: This practice supports conceiving at different levels. It’s a beautiful way to support the overall conceiving process. This doesn’t mean you need to let go of everything else you’ve been doing to conceive. Optimal conceiving varies per person and depends on everyone’s individual needs and constitutions. This practice aims to support and benefit everyone on the path of conceiving.

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