Preparing ourselves for pregnancy is still very under-valued and quite unknown. But consciously & holistically preparing yourself for pregnancy is definitely a first and very important step towards all of the above. Can you imagine how the world would like in 20 years, if we all consciously conceive?

We want our children to feel safe, loved, cared for and we want them to be free and unapologetically be themselves. We want to hold space for them throughout their adventure here on earth and we want our children to come from a place of love & joy, right? So let’s start now! And let’s start bringing our love, awareness and energy towards the important step of holistically preparing for pregnancy.


During this free 6 day practice we will walk you through the important elements that come with conscious conception. We will touch the inspiring building blocks of ‘Intention Setting’ Creating Space’, ‘Build a fertile ground’, ‘Welcoming your child’, ‘Surrender’ and ‘Gratitude’.

What will you get?

  • You will receive a daily email with information, inspiration and guidance around that day
  • There will be a practice available for you on each day. These practices will be through video, audio or worksheets
  • The practices won’t take longer then 30 minutes each day

What can you expect?

  • You’ll learn the basic understanding of Conscious Conception
  • You’ll receive life-time tools that you can integrate in to your life and this process
  • You’ll prepare yourself in a holistic way for conception
  • You’ll bring attention & intention towards yourself, your baby and this process. Everything grows with love 😉

Join our free 6 days conscious conception practice now!
The practice will be live as of Thursday November 12th!

If you are joining this practice, dedicate yourself to doing this and fully focus on this practice. So you can bring all your love & attention towards this journey.

This practice is a short but powerful variation on our Conscious Conception Program. It will give you a sneak peak into fully preparing yourself and it will show you the power & magic of giving attention to this journey. Since we only have 6 days during this practice and the message, the work is never ending we can’t touch all topics. In this program we will be focusing on the preparation to get pregnant and how you can support the process of getting pregnant and welcoming your child with you. Most of the themes & topics can be done more in depth throughout a personal guidance journey or in our extended or guided programs!

This free practice is made possible by our dear friends, lovely brands, and inspirational partners:

Delight Yoga, Nanda Hagenaars, Studio Neba, Confidante & Lennebelle