Marjolein Vos

Womb Wisdom Keeper, Holistic Therapist & Doula

“There’s no need to look for more anything else, besides the sacred wisdom you are already carrying inside you.”

Marjolein never planned to become a mother, at least not before she would turn 30 years. But as she learned you can’t plan your life, because mostly life has plans for you. Her first daughter was born on her 26th birthday. Being able to give birth peacefully at home, in a warm bath, witnessed by the loving presence of her father, a holistic midwife and a doula was an empowering blessing. Through this experience Marjolein became more grounded and felt powerful. Her soft mother heart was opened and overflowing with love.

Her second daughter was born at home after 43 weeks pregnancy. This another empowering experience, as she learned to truly trust the wisdom of her body. Soon, she started to train to become a doula and childbirth educator. Together with her midwife, who became a dear friend, she started to host a retreat for pregnant women. A seed was planted.

Life gave her 2 more daughters, who were born unassisted at home. Her mother heart kept on growing and flowing. So was her energy, even with four little children. She wanted to start sharing all this experience and knowledge to hopefully inspire pregnant women and young mothers. This led her to give birth to Wombfulness, in which she guides retreats for pregnant women, mama’s, babies and children. By creating a safe haven, she invites people to connect deeper with their body wisdom and take a deep breath to let go of any tension. Within this relaxed state of being, the (pregnant) mama’s get empowered and inspired to open up their soft motherheart.

Marjolein has been on the path of awakening and self-consciousness since she was about 14 years. She always had been intensely connected with Mother Earth. She filled her backpack with all kinds of trainings and workshops: massage, Reiki, dance meditation, sound meditation, energy work, mantra singing, Nusta Karpay, Womb Awakening and Fire Keeper. Besides that she has studied Dutch culture and literature at the University of Groningen and Art therapy in Leiden. But all these trainings, studies and workshop can barely compete with everything I’ve learned during my own pregnancy’s, births and years as a mother.

Motherheart alignes completely with her own work; creating a safe, loving and sacred space for mothers. She feels she just had to answer this calling.

Being a mother is the opportunity to become the woman/mama Marjolein wants to be for her daughters. If her wish for them is to become powerful, loving and wise women, she has to become that herself, because we’re always mirroring each other. Motherhood is teaching me to be radically honest and brave.

In times of turmoil her advice would be to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out… Connect with your intuition and ask yourself: is this fear or insecurity grounded? Or is it the mind trying to sabotage you? Without a doubt it’s 99% of the time the mind that’s holding you back.

If she could tell her younger self something it would be you are enough.There’s no need to look for more anything else, besides the sacred wisdom you are already carrying inside you. Trust that Life will support you, anytime and anywhere.

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