Our song – The birth of my daughter Gita

by Asha Hossain

I was reminded, once again, how the act of consciously welcoming and inviting people, dreams or situations only occur when done from a place of love, intention and space. Throughout my life, and specifically over the past 12 years, I have had several opportunities where I have been inviting and manifesting from a place of curiosity, love and bravery. One of my biggest, proudest moments is when we consciously invited our first daughter, Sura, into my womb (Read more about this journey here.)

As I write these words, a tiny little being of merely 5 weeks old, lays soundly on my chest. Welcoming Gita, our second daughter, earth-side, reminded us once again, of the power invested in intention and trust.

Welcoming Gita

We had just made the move back from Bali to Amsterdam a few months earlier. With a due date mid January, we were busy rebuilding our life while finding a school for Sura, launching Motherheart’s first online program, preparing and enjoying the holiday month of December as well as Sura’s birthday on December 31 st . It frankly left us all with little space to focus on the arrival of our second baby. I must admit that owning a company and having to hand that over in order to take a step back for the first time ever, was quite challenging and confrontational, regardless of how wonderful the women who were willing to step in during my maternity leave are.

Looking back, I was keen on holding space while trying to find balance, peace and softness throughout everyday life. Just like I normally would.


One day after our due date, and still a bit high on the rush and energy from the holidays and party season, I realized I needed to physically let go of my phone, as well as the energy and anything that did not serve mind-space for our baby. I had already removed all social media but decided to physically remove all the apps as well.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was debating whether I wanted Sura present for the birth of her sibling, and had decided not to do so in order to give all my love and attention to birthing and welcoming our second child together with Dennis, without any distractions. Realizing I wouldn’t be able to fully focus and relax with our little girl around, we decided that Sura would spend the upcoming weekend at her grandparent’s house.

My husband Dennis was still quite wrapped up with work and he was adamant to finish his work by that Friday, so that he too could fully focus on welcoming our new baby.

Slowing down

Friday came and Sura’s grandmother came to pick her up from our place. Dennis had completed his admin and I finally had time to fully unwind and slow down. We had intentionally been clearing our house and adding fresh flowers to our home for the past few weeks, in order to welcome our new baby.

That Friday evening we decided to celebrate the weekend, getting cosy on the couch, binge watching series on Netflix and indulging in chocolate and oven-baked potato chips! We were getting ready and were fully intended to welcome our new baby that weekend.

Ready to catch the waves of life: hello baby!

The next day, on Saturday morning, I woke up to contractions. They came and went, on and off with 20 minutes to an hour intervals. Yet half way through the day, we knew it would be the day that we would welcome our second little miracle.We went out for a cup of tea and a little walk and it was just after dinner that contractions started coming regularly.
Around 8.30pm Dennis called our wonderful midwife and around 9.30pm Dennis & the midwife prepared the bath since I’ve moved into the ‘active labor phase’.

It was soon after that I would start catching and riding the waves as they intensified, allowing my body to open up and with each wave, gently moving our baby earth-side. After about 2 hours of catching waves, the last 30 minutes transitioning towards the pushing phase, my body guided me to stand up, So I did!

Once I was up and out of bath, the urge to push became quite vivid. While space was created on our altar for me to lean on, I glanced over at a picture of Sura smiling and I really felt her connection as well as the wish to have her there with us.Though the process was quite similar to the birth of Sura, this journey was a bit shorter. Being able to catch those powerful & intense contractions in a warm bath, my body guiding me to stand up, my feet solidly grounded on the floor, we welcomed our little one with us.

Within a few pushing waves, met by her father’s hands, we welcomed our little Gita earth- side.

In a little over 4 active hours – I had aimed for 3, so we were pretty close 😉 – and in the weekend that we had intended on meeting her, in the sacred place we call our home, we welcomed her: our beautiful miracle Gita.

After her arrival, we took the time to arrive back on earth. About an hour or two later, we decided to separate her from her placenta by burning the cord while consciously and intentionally welcoming her with us, giving her the space to slowly be on her own. A truly magical experience.

Consciously manifesting

I had initially intended on sharing my birth stories and on how this second birth consciously invited me to open up the pathway for our Gita to be born in the active phase of labour, how my first experience of letting her go was mirrored in the 3 rd (pushing) phase…But I felt that my true intention to share this story was mostly about consciously welcoming our second daughter with us and consciously creating the space in our lives to do so.

She came exactly in the weekend we intended and hoped for and even though Sura physically wasn’t there with us, she actually was.

The next day when her grandmother brought her back home, she told us that Sura woke up and wanted to be held by her grandmother at the exact time I was pushing Gita out of my body as I connected with Sura’s picture while doing so. She was there. Both of my girls. Exactly as it should be.


This is an example of consciously inviting and welcoming people or events into your life, and aligns with our Conscious Conception Program. If you are curious to learn more about consciously inviting your future baby, preparing for pregnancy, how to do so and where to start? Find out more here! You can integrate and use these learnings in every aspect of your life! You can also find more inspiration on our Instagram account & IGTV.