True Stories of Conscious Conception – with Marinka Joanne

by Fatima Fazli-Vermeulen

Conscious Conception can mean a variety of things to different people. It can be found in the cleansing of your home, resetting your body & mind or preparing to welcome the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth.
It can, however also be found throughout a variety of phases in your life or events that you have been contemplating for months or even years.

We recently asked a group of women from various backgrounds to talk about their personal journey to motherhood.
One of these women is Marinka Joanne. Marinka is married to Lot and together they are the proud parents of 2 children under the age of 2. The children were conceived with the help of an anonymous donor.
Please read her personal story below.

A firm belief and finding her true-self

From an early age, Marinka knew that she would one day be a mother. She was keen o share that she knew she would be pregnant in the first try and even when people around her would limit her beliefs, she was convinced that this is what her journey to motherhood would be.
And her belief became a reality.

When we asked her if she could recall the moment that she felt ready to become a mother, Marinka mentioned a recent article she had written in which she realized that she felt ready once she truly learned to be one with herself. From speaking her own truth, to staying close to herself and her beliefs and taking a step back from the daily buzz around her all helped her find the space within and inorder to find her true self.
A process that started prior to conception and one that has stayed with her throughout both of her pregnancies and beyond and is even noticed while raising their children.
Though she does add that the biggest healing occurred after the birth of their first child.

So what changes did Marinka incorporate in her journey to conception?

Once Marinka and her partner Lot decided to welcome a child into their lives, Marinka noticed a change within her. From less partying to lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments etc, Marinka underwent a vast transformation.

About 4 months prior to the insemination, Marinka completely stopped smoking and even said goodbye to the occasional alcoholic beverage. She took this even further, when 2 weeks prior to her appointment, she decided to do a 10 day detox in order to reset and cleanse old habits from within.
Thoroughly eliminating greasy foods from her diet and replacing them with lots of fruits and veggies, and adding a daily spoon of Macca (common to areas such as Peru where it is said to increase fertility) to her smoothies.

Dare to ask yourself questions

Marinka would like to advice other parents to be present in order to really create space. Clearing your mind or even adjusting your lifestyle is a way to create space in order to invite and receive.
Check with yourself whether there are certain areas that need to be cleared in order to create that space. “Dare to ask yourself questions, the answers will automatically follow once you do.”

For more on Marinka’s journey through parenthood and life with her wife and their two children, follow her on Instagram or visit her YouTube channel and watch her vlogs (in Dutch) “2 mama’s en een baby, hoe dan?!”

The Conscious Conception Program is a program for all women and their partners and serves a handbook and guide for you to take along on this life changing journey to Motherhood. To learn more about our Conscious Conception Program please visit our Conscious Conception Program