True Stories of Conscious Conception – with Lieke Lagas

by Fatima Fazli-Vermeulen

Conscious Conception can mean a variety of things to different people. It is in the preparation of your home, body & mind, preparing to welcome the miracle of pregnancy or childbirth but it is also found in a variety of phases in your life that you have contemplating for months or even years.

In light of our newly launched Conscious Conception Program, we recently asked a group of women from various backgrounds to talk about their journey to motherhood.

One of these women is Lieke Lagas, photographer and mother to a little boy named Eya Jaï.

Lieke’s journey

Going into the relationship, Lieke felt that she was confronted with a mirror, or as she calls it her “twin flame”. While going through a transformation, that she says she is still going through today, her partner always knew to be patient with her. He had had a vision going into this relationship and knew that no matter what they’d encounter, they would prevail as a couple.

From the very start of their relationship, Lieke and her partner Nygel, were very open about their dream to start  a family together. From talking about their ‘future baby’ to  imagining what kind of parents they would be. They even imagined what their child would look like and discussed potential baby names.

Lieke’s interest grew as she started to read more about pregnancy and childbirth, even watching videos on natural childbirth always keen to discuss what she had learned with her partner.

About 9 months prior to conceiving, Lieke and her partner found themselves in Mahara and spotted the most beautiful and adorable pair of baby pants. Without hesitation, they purchased it as a gift for their future child. Looking back, she believes this was the first physical proof of invitation that they were ready to conceive. Though they didn’t make any drastic changes to prepare themselves physically, they both felt incredibly ready to start a family.

A few months later, while Lieke had already been tracking her cycle years prior, the couple made the conscious decision to stop using any form of caution or protection.

Without any expectations or set time frame. And even though she may have felt slight disappointment when at first, she didn’t get pregnant, she now relates it to the fear of being unable to conceive.

It was 6 months into this new phase that she started to have vivid dreams and signs. Not only was she ready, but so was her baby.

Welcoming her baby 

One day, out of the blue, Lieke had felt the urge to write a letter to her future baby. Inviting the baby into their lives surrounded by love. Informing the baby that their time had come and that her body was ready to be a safe haven through pregnancy and childbirth.

Three months later that she found herself at a festival, high on love for the beautiful environment, the people and the music. It was then that her son was planted into her womb. That evening, after they had made love, she knew and secretly took a picture of the both of them, proof of this magical day that she would want to look back on years later.

Lieke was always aware that pregnancy and childbirth would be an all-round life changing experience. She felt the need to process and heal during pregnancy, when unattended (inner) child traumas rose to the surface. She started this healing process throughout her pregnancy and postpartum.


When we asked if Lieke would like to share her learnings with others, she mentioned the following:

  • Trust the divine timing of conceiving
  • Create space for healing ( inner-child )
  • Communicate with your partner and share feelings in a sacred space between you.
  • When being intimate, make love consciously and honestly
  • above all enjoy the process, laugh, dance, touch, kiss, hug and play you’re your partner throughout the day.
  • Talk about your child with each other like your baby is already here.
  • Invite the soul of your future child by connecting with them through visions, dreams, journaling, meditation or any other practice that makes them more vivid.

For more on Lieke’s work and life with her family you can follow her on Instagram.

The Conscious Conception Program is a program for all women and their partners and serves a handbook and guide for you to take along on this life changing journey to Motherhood. To learn more about our Conscious Conception Program please visit our Conscious Conception Program