Allowing transitions to happen – Pregnant with my 2nd

by Asha Hossain

All the clichés are true once again 😉 
With my first child all I heard were phrases like “They grow up so fast! You won’t get any sleep for the first few months, even years! Oh this is just a phase!”.

Now, currently expecting my second child, I am hearing “You think you are busy now? or The 2ndone will be so much easier. You’ll definitely be more confident!”

Even now, pregnant with my 2ndchild, I realize once again how a first child guides the way for this wonderful life-changing transformation to occur. Where a woman transforms into a mother, grieving a part of her lost forever, while regaining an extra layer, returning ‘home’ and finding balance in all these new found roles.

The first born guides the way for all of its future siblings.

Preparing in a natural way

Most of all it made me realize the need to surrender to this fascinating and rewarding process. To be honest , along with a 3 year old that needs attention as well, I can’t find the time, space and energy to give all the love and concentration to the baby growing inside of my belly.

And then I realized that this too, is already preparing me for the times when I need to balance space, time and energy with 2 kids, while still being true to myself.

On some days, the little voice in my head beacons me to pay attention to the little human in my belly. And sometimes it is paired with immense feelings of guilt. Yet every time these feelings arise, I realize that this is exactly the path that this little being and I have chosen. The path we, as mothers, all choose.


The energies are shifting as our little family is getting ready to change into a new dynamic. I sense it already. And I trust that this brand new bundle will totally fit into our family, and be totally fine with it’s place within our home.

I will also surrender to the new busy, less personal space, time and energy, allowing the transition to occur and experience the changes. Letting go of the little voices of guild, heaviness and weight on my shoulders and letting in space and energy in return. Somehow it does feel quite similar to the time when we were expecting our first child.

Now all we truly need, is some extra time 😉