You’re an alchemist – Create your own rituals with your unborn baby

by Christine Beijnen

Hi, my name is Christine and I’m honored and proud to be a sister of Motherheart. My intention is to fuel your mother heart with inspiration, share fascinating knowledge and provide you with easy hand-on practices during pregnancy and motherhood. So allow me to introduce myself.

On an early morning in September 2017 while staying in Ibiza, I woke up, pulled on a comfy hooded sweater and went outside. Sitting on a beautiful chair made of bamboo, I looked over the wide landscape bathing in soft orange and blue hues as the sun rose behind me. As I sat there, I grounded myself and started praying. I asked for help finding my purpose, to heal, to evolve and to become a wise woman.

That day I opened a purple book titled the “Law of Attraction” by Abraham Hicks. The powerful words “you become what you think” immediately resonated with me. Deep down, I’ve always known life worked this way. That your thoughts and intentions are linked with your reality. Right then and there I made the decision to learn more about this fascinating topic.

Science behind Manifesting Magic

A few months later I stumbled upon the work of Dr Joe Dispenza. This man immediately caught my attention. I started to dive deeper into the modern science linked with manifesting. It stated proof that one can materialize from the energy source by thought alone. I became wildly fascinated and 1,5 years later it became very clear to me that this was my purpose.

I would teach, create and share knowledge about the magical world of energy where we can intentionally create what we want in life. Regardless of what it is that you’re searching for whether it be health, wealth or a balanced and harmonious family!

Imagine, Visualize and Affirm

I vividly remember 22 July 2018, the day we found out that I was pregnant. As I grasped emotions elated with joy, I immediately started to ask myself how my thoughts and emotions would influence the precious baby in my belly.

The researcher and self-proclaimed nerd in me started to Google where I found an interesting book called “Pre-Parenting Nurturing Your Child From Conception” by Thomas Verny.

This book explains that during pregnancy, your baby is exposed to everything you experience. From the various sounds surrounding your environment, to the air you breathe, the food you consume as well as the emotions you feel. When you feel happy and calm it allows your baby to develop in a happy, calm environment. And emotions such as stress and anxiety increases particular hormones in your body which may affect your baby’s developing body and brain.

So imagine the cool stuff you can do with this! You can intentionally “feed” your baby with healthy hormones like endorphins and Immunoglobulin-A which are produced when feeling gratitude. Immunoglobulin-A is also the primary hormone that strengthens your immune system. This new found information made me conscious of my thoughts and emotions. I was extremely observant of the people and situations that triggered my emotions. And with it I realized that I am my own alchemist, my own pharmacy.

Rituals – you are an alchemist!

I developed a few small rituals to connect with my baby in utero and infuse it with healthy hormones, consciously sending it loving intentions. I meditated quite a lot, slowing down my thought process and moving into a steady heartbeat. I also practiced feeling gratitude. I visualized holding my baby in my arms, smiling and daily affirmed that this baby would be easy-going.

I also started singing while taking a shower so that my baby would get used to my voice. And often visualized a bright light with little golden stars sparkling upon my baby making him comfortable and happy.

I am very happy to say that Jack Anthony Swolfs was born in a very magical way. He is a very happy and zen little baby. Since his birth, I have included small rituals that arise from my intuitive mother heart…combined with a little science.


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Christine is a coach, teacher and public speaker. She creates high frequency workshops & programs as well as 1:1 coaching where she teaches the science behind manifesting magic in combination with easy practices to help you create the life you’re dreaming of. Manifesting has never been that easy! Read more on Christine here