It all begins with the mother

by Innica Catharina Lane

All life begins in the womb. 

It is also the place where the golden ration of Phi 1.618 comes to be as all creation happens right there.

In a dark and moist, yet warm place. A hollow space full of potential. A place where physical contact is first initiated.  The welcoming entry point where matter is formed. The seat of the soul for both man, and woman.

With this in mind, what does it mean to actually conceive and bring soul into the body? What is needed for this child to remain in a state of regulated peace while it continues to grow safe and sound in it’s mother’s womb?

It is believed that a large part of our psychic imprints, our energy,  are formed inside the womb. It is therefore of crucial importance that the mother is able to provide a calm, grounded state while the child continues to develop inside of her.

If you are a woman wishing to conceive, there might be several processes you may want to implement prior to conception and hence, making a difference to the life you are creating.

Your relationship with your own mother

First and foremost, it starts with our relationship with our own mother.

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, full of pressures and responsibilities, the physical and emotional time spend between a mother and her child may seem limited. How did your own mother experience her pregnancy with you? Did she experience her pregnancy in a state of complete calm and joy? Or did she experience stress, causing her emotional well-being to have an effect on the formation of your brain and body?

It is said, that when a mother is stressed during pregnancy, the stress can become the first tox imprint that will eventually shape the child’s interpretations of life and how she responds to them.

Immediately after birth, the mother’s capability to read the child’s needs and respond to them accordingly determines the neurological patterning of the child, and how it will respond to life’s events. When a mother is unable to responds to the child’s basic needs in a timely manner, it may cause the child to neglect their own natural impulses.

Being present

Some of us have grown up with a mother unable to be completely present to our childhood needs. It is quite likely that they weren’t able to even during the pregnancy. While different reasons such as relationship problems, work related stress, or various other impulses may have affected her ability, our neurons were wired as to not feel a natural human connection with our primary caregiver, our mother. The inability to experience life in safety and freedom, seems to be a reason so many people feel disconnected, separated, isolated or alone.

It is important to be truly emotionally and physically present in the formative years of our children. So how can we, as women, heal our sense of connection to our self, our mother, and our relationships in order to prepare for conscious conception?

Preparing for the beginning of life

In order to relax your nervous system and rewire neurons to return to a natural state, it is important to start with the following:

Bodily Awareness –  means you are aware of your breathing and any bodily sensations or impulses. Listen to your needs and explore them, together with your partner.

Emotional Intelligence – ensure that all repressed emotions have a way out. To express them safely and awaken your inner being.

Healing the relationship mother – when the relationship with your own mother is healed, life takes on a new quality causing us to thrive in tune with the cosmic mother. So connect, apologize, communicate and understand, give and be thankful.

What would the world be like when all mothers remain in a state of calm, joy and peaceful serenity during their pregnancies?


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