Everything grows with love

by Asha

Before I became a mother I devoted my time, mind and space towards my personal growth & journey. I could spend my days entirely dedicated to yoga. Finding it in my yoga practice, meditation, journaling, mindfully moving & interacting, affirmations and in restoring. At times I would even introduce tools that supported my journey such as clearings, crystals, candles, music, flowers, cards, etc. Besides teaching yoga, my own practice was part of my daily “purpose”.

Ofcourse things changed! The ultimate test is to practice the teachings of yoga, even when you don’t seem to have the time. When life as a mother or even life in general, seems to take over every now and then, I am reminded that all is energy. From manifesting, to my daily struggles, everything has a purpose here in this life.

All is energy

Even when time doesn’t seem to be on my side and my mind isn’t always that quiet, it is a good reminder to actually realize – and at times even feel – that all is energy. These are the moments to take that step back, stop what you are doing and simply breathe and be, right here, in this moment.

Are you content with where you are now? Are you the woman you want to be? Are you the mother you want to be? The partner, the daughter, the friend, the moneymaker, the colleague, the entrepreneur….? Are you who you want to be?

Asking yourself these questions every time again, helps to create a guideline in how to approach life and to bring yourself back home. Take some time to actually dive in and truly feel. Where do you need change and how can you get there mindfully?

Everything is created and manifested from energy. If you shift your attention and energy and focus on what you really need, you are affirming what you truly want.

“Taking control back”

While we often times don’t realize it, it is in those hectic moments when life and motherhood seem to take control, we are actually unconsciously manifesting as well. Not always realizing where we are, what is happening or how we can change

So what we need is time. Time to re-connect with ourselves, our feelings, and rediscover our true purpose. There are plenty of ways to do so, even when time is not on your hand.

Whenever you feel lost in life and motherhood, know that these tools are great ways to re-connect with yourself and consciously manifest the life you want to live. They are invitations to actually come back home to yourself.

4 ways to come back home

1) Go to a yoga class: Go to a yoga class and make sure you get there on time! Instead of rushing home, to daycare, school or work, stay after class and enjoy a cup of tea. Try not to rush but to actually enjoy the afterglow of the yoga class as well as the ride home. These are the little extra’s that really do it! It counts for everything, not rushing to your appointments and daily activities but finding ways to do it with love and attention.

2) Journaling: Take a moment to sit down by yourself, at home, at the office or at a local coffee bar, and write down your thoughts as they come to you. Write about everything that comes to mind, that needs your attention. Notice how you are doing and feeling. This is a great way to process and release the things that haven’t been processed yet so you can gradually allow it to move through some of the deeper layers.

Continue writing until all thoughts and feelings are put on paper, clearing your mind while allowing you to gather your thoughts.

3) Take 10 minutes to breathe & calm down: Make sure you have a place where you can be alone, find  a comfortable seat and dedicate 10 minutes to truly focus on your breathing.

Simply take long and deep inhalations & exhalations. Follow your breathing as you inhale, and exhale and check whether you feel calmer after about 5 minutes.  Once you feel more present in the moment simply enjoy that space and don’t worry if your mind is taking over. And if you do, come back to the calm space where you don’t need to do anything, accept breathe. Note: By practicing this more often it will get easier to calm and wind down.

4) Join one of our circles/workshops or any other place where you can connect with yourself and with other women/mama’s: Most of our circles are dedicated to making you feel comfortable in your own skin and  body. They serve as a place where you are invited to share, listen and be inspired by other mother’s. Most importantly, it is a place where you come as you are. A space where you truly get to spend time with yourself, in a loving, sacred space, and just be you. There really is no better place to heal and re-connect surrounded by women.

With attention

Though it sometimes seem challenging to dedicate even 10 minutes to yourself, and even if you don’t get to take time to yourself every day, think of it as a gift. Something that you gift yourself, your loved ones, and everyone around you. A little gift for all of you.

And even if you have found yourself lost, not taking this time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, remind yourself that time and space is found in the little moments. While mindfully brushing your teeth, with awareness spending a few minutes with your children, partner, loved ones. While preparing dinner, picking up your little one or taking 5 full mindful breaths before you go to bed. In the end, these are the moments where we come back home.

Everything is energy! And everything grows with love. And that’s the beautiful foundation where everything will flourish & thrive from.