A little prayer for dark times

by Corinne Laan

A prayer can sometimes be the only thing which pulls you through a dark day. The type of day where you are weighed down by heavy emotions that you can barely find the strength to get out of bed or face another equally dark day as the last.

A prayer does not have to be formal or associated with any particular religious belief. Saying a prayer when you are facing dark times can feel like gently opening the curtains in a dim room to allow a beam of light in.

Here, the meaning of prayer means going to the deepest and silent place within you and connect to your inner knowing and wisdom. A prayer helps you to surrender to what is and stop swimming against the current for a moment. Within a prayer, strength can be found even though you are broken. It can bring forth a deep wish to re-establish inner peace and find clarity as you move forward on your healing journey.

A little prayer for dark times

May Hope guide my every step

May Courage fill my broken heart

May Faith be my light

May Love give me shelter

I am healing beautifully even in the darkest of days, today and every day