Your passage into motherhood

by Marjolein Vos

We live in a world that’s mostly ‘mind centered’. Information is everywhere, and our brain is actively processing it 24/7. These days information is the most consumed alimentation, but it isn’t providing the nutrition’s we actually need. Especially when we’re expecting a child or already have little ones.

And I’m guilty too. When I found out that I was pregnant, the first thing I did was searching on Google what my due date would be. After that I looked up where in my city, I could find a midwife. When I saw at least thirteen midwifery practices I felt this restlessness coming up. I read about everything I needed to do: blood tests, weigh myself, take certain vitamins and avoiding others… I knew: this is not what I want for the new life growing in my womb.

From the heart

So, I let everything go for a few days. The idea of becoming a mother was still very abstract. It changed when my partner and I visited a friend of his. She was a mother of a one-year old daughter. We sat in her garden, ate her home-made sugar free plum pie and talked about life, while her daughter was attached to her and her breast. It was a beautiful and natural sight. This goddess mama told us about her midwife, a holistic practitioner who lived an hour away from us. I immediately felt that this midwife was the one I wanted to meet.

I called and a couple of weeks later we had an appointment. It was everything I didn’t expect and at the same time everything I needed. Her practice was in a little garden house with a wooden floor covered with sheep’s pelts. We sat on the floor, drank herbal tea and talked for two hours! This midwife really took the time to get to know me, not by looking at numbers and blood tests, but by listening with her heart. I was completely at ease and relaxed. There was nothing I had to do: everything was my own choice.

Your passage into motherhood

Receiving so much trust from this midwife changed my life completely. She was my mirror and I could embrace my own nature and the wisdom of my body. After nine months, I gave birth to a beautiful healthy little girl, at home in a birth pool. My midwife and partner gave me the space my baby and I needed for this journey into motherhood. And if there is one thing I learned, it is that sometimes you’re just at the right place at the right time. If we didn’t eat the plum pie at the beginning of my pregnancy, maybe I had never met this amazing midwife and my pregnancy and birth would have been a totally different experience.

So, if you’re pregnant for the first time and you’re like me: please stop ‘Googleing’ for a minute and connect to your breath and belly. How do you wish to experience your passage into motherhood? What or who do you need to embody trust and love, instead of fear? What can you do to provide yourself and your baby of the best nourishment? And who do you choose as a mirror? Start with these questions and listen to the answers your intuition is giving you. Google can wait.