The nourishing qualities of community

by Christina Gabriel

For centuries women have gathered to join in circles, to talk, share and celebrate. The act of unionship and community is one of the core qualities of the feminine.

In my personal experience, a gathering of women provides a special kind of community. There is something quite magical about women coming together and sharing space. It starts with our physical bodies and how we carry the ability to sync our periods (this happens through the smell of pheromones by the way) and includes having a community to turn to and learn from, be inspired and feel heard. Luckily, we are living in a time where we are re-connecting to the values and traditions that have served women for all these years.


As a Birth and Loss Doula, I continuously work in empowering women and I believe that knowledge and experience help us to make more educated choices. Furthermore, with knowledge and understanding there comes confidence and trust.

These are especially important in times of struggle and overwhelm on our journey to motherhood. While we live in a modern, educated world, unexplained infertility and/or pregnancy loss should no longer be subject of silence, stigma and shame. There is much to be learned in how we care for us emotionally and spiritually during these times. It’s important to remind ourselves that healing isn’t linear. Grief has no roadmap. It can be physically and emotionally exhausting time in our lives. To me, healing is what happens when you get up each morning and decide to keep walking with everything that is going on. Feel proud of yourself for every small step you make because healing isn’t the result of smooth sailing. It’s about finding a sense of trust. Community reminds us that we aren’t in this alone and we are stronger than we ever imagined.

The importance of opening up and community

Some people might find it difficult and uncomfortable to share about their journey. That’s quite natural and many of us have been taught to handle our challenges in the privacy of our homes. However, research stats demonstrate, that opening up is a integral part of healing. I believe this is a process that begins with one person at a time.

Community reduces the sense of isolation and feeling alone in the process of healing. It leaves you nourished with inspiration, honest exchange and new connections. Being with women who know how you feel can be the biggest gamechanger.