A little note on mother heart by Katiza Satya

by Katiza Satya

My heart starts to sing with pure joy when it comes to share some light and wisdom on being a human in a precious female body. Being a true woman, a sister, a mother, and grandmother, is a wild and adventurous journey and I would love to share a bit about mine so far.

Writing has not been very much my vehicle of expression but it’s a good challenge when it comes to contribute and share a little about my inner call to wake-up and the importance of embracing my woman’s body as part of it. We can also learn to take the inherent qualities of being female as the greatest vehicle towards living from the “universal natural wisdom”, what is called in yoga the awakened state; moksha “freedom”.

Being alive

I have been a living yogini from a young age, without really knowing that I was one. This started when I was 13 years old, after undergoing an after death experience. I needed to be tuned with the source of the universe, to trust my soul, search for freedom, respect my body. Being in the company and surrounded by equal soulful beings became a necessity not a commodity.  These kept me alive, anything else wasn’t attractive or interesting at all or too heavy for my soul to carry around. It would become sick, or accidents would happen for my body to almost die in order to free my spirit.

Living from my soul and being a woman was a great adventure. It invited the need to respect myself in all aspects: fully taking care of my body, becoming friends with my moon cycles, the conscious and healthy play of sexuality, finding healthy ways to deal with emotions, the need to fully trust my intuition. I needed to see beauty and light in everything and all situations even when life was so dark, painful and narrow. Becoming a young mother at the age of 23 in a foreign country, without being surrounded by any blood-family around me, made this whole process more intense. My capacity to love and be there for another broke open, and I needed to navigate fully on intuition.

Inseparable unity

Everything was already part of the dance of spirituality and living life in a female body. It wasn’t easy at all as lots of suffering was involved, but listening to my soul and being a woman became more and more “one inseparable unity”. I learned first-hand that spirituality and femininity go hand to hand. I discovered that being given a feminine body was a blessing. If I fully tuned with it in on all levels (physically, emotionally and mentally), I could easy and directly allow wisdom to pour into me.

For a woman it is easier, nearer and more direct to live from our spiritual reality than for a man. For men to tune in the spiritual reality and enter the spiritual inner-path is often more related to conquering their mind, and also physically they need arduous trainings, long time of austerities and solitude.

From a place of truth – Now

Many years ago, the passion to help women reconnect to their nature was naturally born and it went beyond my own understanding. Some ways to share came to me, but I needed to allow change to happen and find fresh ways to share depending on what was needed. It is not about entering a “new power game” or “reacting against what was in the past”, it is all about reconnecting with what “is”, without creating a new feminist movement, blindly adopting old traditions or any fabrications coming from the mind.  What is most important is to be faithful to our female nature and with dignity assume our feminine roles in the time we are: Now!

Answering the call

There is a deep knowing that by taking our real position in the perfection of nature as a feminine pole is the only way that we can contribute to heal our world. By embracing our feminine nature fully, our children are educated with the wisdom of respect and how to love nature in all aspects; because as women, we are nature. We are men’s inspiration and their souls find home with and within us when we are open- and our female nature is healthy and balanced. They need us to feel inspired to rise and construct what is needed in balance with nature. We are a direct channel for them to the unseen reality, we know the law of the universe and its play in the material reality directly. We know impermanence first hand, we are naturally forced to know unconditional love. We allow creation in our own wombs, which is beyond the physical reality. We are fully responsible for the condition of the world. We have been separated from nature far too long, we urgently need to heal our pain and grow up in our feminine nature. By doing so, we can help to be the change we want to see for the next generations to come. Our souls call us to stand up for Truth and guide others to our natural state of being human.

Coming home to the natural female wisdom

My interest to guiding woman to re-connect to their inner natural balance arose when I started to teach yoga about more than 2 decades ago. I started noticing the incredible amount of woman coming to yoga classes. The classes were mostly woman interested in re-connecting themselves to something. They were looking to find ways to access their physical, emotional and spiritual nature but somehow blind and not really knowing why they were coming. It gave some light in the darkness, some real nurturing food for their hungry souls and some peace in their agitated minds. They didn’t actually know why yoga could help, but they would come.

Yoga was a safe shelter to allow them to be vulnerable, naked minded, and open hearted. They stared at me asking me to coach them, to help them. I started to hear more and more about the struggles to just be natural, their disconnection to their menstrual cycles, struggles about being a young mother, or about being in relationship. They had work issues, lots of stress, stress about trying to be someone, feeling alone, being too emotional, not being able to get pregnant, abortions, disconnection or abuse within sexuality, etc.

I understood that many woman were covering their pain by getting fanatical in following overly physically yogic practices to hide their pain body in ambition and appearance, or indulging in so-called spiritual teachings that were making them ungrounded by rejecting their bodies and trying to escape reality by creating a spiritual fantasy.

A call to be a torch and stand tall to guide woman was naturally born in me. A call to be an inspiration to reconnect in wisdom and facilitate a direct space, to share as true sisters and come back to a ground of feeling at home fully embracing and embodying our natural female wisdom.