True intimacy – Building a trusting ground

by Asha

What is your deepest fear? What do you feel most ashamed or guilty about? What do you carry with you every day that no one else knows?

Powerful vulnerable

One of the strengths in mankind lies in being vulnerable. At the same time in all those years of living here on Earth we’ve lost the connection with that power. Life, conditions, beliefs took over and we somehow have forgotten how to be truly vulnerable and how to let ourselves and loved ones in to our deepest truths. We’ve forgotten where we came from and sometimes even hid or ignored the feelings and emotions that were too confronting to be with. And that is ok! That is where we came from, but knowing now that our power, the intimate connection with ourselves and our loved ones will flourish by letting ourselves and the people around us in, will support us in this new perspective on life and intimacy.


If we truly enjoy and love being with every part of ourselves, we allow others to enjoy and love every part of us


It’s quiet lonely

It is lonely to be alone with your deepest fears, thoughts, believes, feelings and it is lonely to not let people in on it. Whatever we experience within us is powerful! It’s not less than anyone else’s personal experiences. It’s not less because we have hidden it or have been ignoring it, but it will make us feel less by doing so. Secretly, all we want is to belong and to connect and most of all to be loved for who we truly are.

A stable and trusting foundation

If we dare to look at ourselves and everything that triggers, confront or resists us, we open up to the intimate relationship with ourselves. Even when it’s painful! It doesn’t necessarily have to feel good. It can feel frightening, emotional, challenging or maybe just super awkward but we are seeing it, daring to be with it and maybe even starting to embrace it. What if we allow all those parts to be with us, while being with others. What if we allow others in?

Right there is where the stable foundation of the relationship with yourself and the people around you lie. Right there is where everything starts and where you create that trusting ground for everything to be. True intimacy in its purest form.

True intimacy throughout motherhood

What does true intimacy throughout all phases of motherhood?

  • It supports a truthful, strong and intimate relationship with yourself and your loved ones
  • It creates space to support conceiving
  • It strengthens the connection with you and your (future/unborn) child(ren)
  • It heals! Pain, fears, beliefs from your lineage, your life etc.
  • It will support you and your partner/birthing partner during giving birth
  • It will support you and your baby during giving birth
  • It improves your sex life
  • It makes you feel good, vibrant and in your power
  • It makes you feel strong in who you are and benefits you throughout your whole life