Creating your own safe and sacred space

by Asha

It is important to have a safe and sacred space where you can retreat. Ever since I became a mother, I find it more challenging to create that space in my home and keep that space wherever I go and wherever I am. In my physical body, in my mind, with some peaceful deep breaths, during daily activities. Honestly, it’s not that easy and when I haven’t spent enough time to yoga, meditate or simply said having unapologetic me-time, finding that peace wherever I am is even more challenging.

So yes, I need that sacred space! A space that is just for me and where I feel safe. That doesn’t mean you must have a room completely for yourself. You can create that space in your living room (when your children are a sleep) and with your partner around too. Maybe ask your partner to give you that space by not making too much noise or bother you for a little while:-) Allowing your partner to be there when you are vulnerable and spend time with yourself can be a lovely way to get intimate too.

Intention and attention

What can you do to create a tranquil, gentle space for yourself?

Not much! You don’t need any high-end props, meditation pillows, crystals, scents or anything else. You just need 2 things: An intention and your attention.

With your intention you set the space. If your intention is to create a safe and sacred space that’s all you need to do! If you prepare the space by using your gentle attention (instead of rushing through it), you already create that space!

Hereby a few things you can do with your intention and attention. It includes some extra’s that might add some depth in creating your safe and sacred space.

  • Take a few breaths and set your intention for the space consciously
  • Prepare the space with your attention. Lightening the candles with love and care, placing pillows, blankets in ways that feel good for you and place your sacred symbols like flowers, crystals, stones, pictures, statues etc. with attention
  • Sing mantra’s while preparing the space. You can make your own mantra or use the Ganesha Mantra: Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!
  • Play music that makes you feel good, calm and comfortable. Sounds work throughout all layers, from your physical cells to your energy body, mental body and soul. By playing this music/sound and singing mantra’s, both you and the space will be filled with this subtle loving energy!

Tips on how to create an altar:

  • Get symbols, items that mean something to you (photo’s, statues, jewelry, books, stones, cards, gifts, anything else that resonates) and place these items with your attention on a book, table, plate, blanket on the floor.
  • Use flowers! Flowers are exceedingly pure and rich with abundant qualities of design, color, fragrance and soft touch. They will help you to clear the mind within yourself and your home/sacred space.
  • You can simply offer flowers to your altar and place them whereever you want or make flower mandala’s as we love to do at Motherheart! The mandala making is a form of meditation itself, it allows creativity to flow and it’s a lovely practice to arrive in the present.
  • Use crystals, scents, essential oils, Paolo Santo, sage, affirmation cards or anything else that gives you or the space some extra support! Know that all of this in the foundation of creating that sacred and safe space isn’t necessary but it can support you to make it easier!

And then sit, lie down, journal, meditate, use a card deck, breath, sing, talk, hug, love yourself! Enjoy spending time with yourself in your self-made safe and sacred space! And if you like to get intimate in a more heartfelt way, every now and then invite others to join you. Your partner, your kids, they will love it 🙂 But remember this is your space and you need to feel good in here. Enjoy!