A blessing to honor your Motherheart

by Mirjam Heemskerk

Have you noticed that since you’ve become a mother you’ve been blaming yourself more than ever before? Do you see how harsh you can be for yourself? How many times you disappoint yourself? Never feel you are truly happy about all the things you achieved? Because in your opinion you need to be better, faster, healthier, sexier, nicer, calmer, have more energy, be more awake, be more patient? You name it, and there is something to feel guilty about… And it’s tiring…

How would you feel if you could turn this all around and actually feel satisfied with everything you’ve accomplished? Be proud of yourself, be grateful for who you are and what you bring into motherhood, your family and even into the world?

How would it feel if you could step out of the rat race and just sit with your emotions, look at yourself as your own best friend, and be grateful for who you are?

A blessing to honor your Motherheart

I’ve worked with many new mothers and am passionate about bringing them awareness of just liking themselves. Loving the woman, the mother who they truly are. I hold ceremonies for mothers to receive full attention for their healing process. I love to end the ceremony with a Blessing. Getting Blessed is very powerful and brings recognition to the beautiful things we do as a mother for our child(ren) and family. To hear this from another mother is pure bliss. At the same time, you can do this for yourself. You can bless yourself to honor your role as a mother and a woman!

I’ve written you a Blessing to honor your Motherheart! With every step speak the Blessing out loud, so your voice is heard by you!

The blessing

Lie down comfortably. Cover yourself in warm blankets, arrange pillows under your knees, your head. Make yourself a warm and loving nest.

Take a few deep breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth. Relax with every outbreath, feel yourself sinking deeper in the ground. Connect with the ground, the earth, your solid base.


Now bring your awareness to your mind.

May my inner voice speak kindly and softly to me, may my inner voice guide me through life in a positive way, may I listen to my inner voice when I need to make important decisions for me and my family.”


Bring your awareness to your shoulders.

“May my shoulders be soft when I rest, may I stretch my shoulders when they are tired, may I be thankful for the support my shoulders give to my child(ren).”


Bring awareness to your breasts.

“May my breasts be healthy, alive and glorious whatever shape or size they have. May I love my breasts for how feminine they make me feel.”


Bring awareness to your belly.

“May I thank my belly for the food she digests, the emotions she transforms into energy and the waste she so wisely expels every single day. May I remember that my womb is my source of intuition and all I need to do is trust my intuition.”


Bring awareness to your legs.

“May I be grateful for the power of my legs, for the flexibility to bring me everywhere I want to go, for taking every step alongside my child(ren). May I remind myself to rest my legs when they are tired.”


Bring attention to your feet.

“May I trust the path I am walking as a mother and as a woman. May my feet lead me the way, grounded as a tree, always trusting the direction.”


Bring awareness to your heart.

“May I love myself, may I trust myself, May I feel joy in being me.

May I trust my heart gives love abundantly!

To my child(ren), my family and everyone who needs it!”


Dear mother, you are such a beautiful being. Loving and caring, doing all you can for the best interest of everyone around you. You are worthy loving yourself!


With love♡