Motherheart Tisane nr. 01 – A gift for mothers and their children

by Fehreen Ali

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention” –  Kahlil Gibran

As a mother, I experienced that the simple act of mindfully sipping a freshly brewed tea transformed the daily fatigue and anxiety. The experience of drinking tea started to transform into meditative one. I discovered that it was a small act which only took 10 minutes of my presence. With my full attention, I feel the love of mother consciousness within me. The Prana or ‘Life force’ within my organic herbal infusion or tea was my daily medicine and still is. 

“Medicine is anything that puts us in harmony with the great spirit and all life on this Earth”   – Wu De

This is your moment

Since I have given birth, almost 20 years ago, I have been drinking tea as my daily ritual. It has become my teacher and my healer. Therefore, I am grateful to share a special Motherheart tea recipe with you. I hope it benefits you to take a moment to pause to mindfully taste this loving and warm mixture, and especially to create a moment for yourself. My wish is that it enhances your peace of mind enabling you to return to your natural state. The place where we can fully be and relax, creating space and inviting gratitude and clarity for all there is. Embracing this quality can benefit you in being a mother and can therefore be a gift for your child too.  

MotherHeart Tisane No 1.

1 part Moringa leaves
½  part Hibiscus flowers
½  part Ginger
½  part Licorice root
1 part Spearmint leave

This blend will stimulate your nourishment, cleansing and healing. It is not suitable during pregnancy due to hibiscus flowers.