On birthing a baby and a mother: Set the wild woman free!

by Mirjam Heemskerk

It’s been a while now that I come across articles about pain free, calm, serene, effortless births. Even though I grant every woman the very best and peaceful birth possible, it can also be a trap for yet another target to reach. I mean, it’s great and very well possible for women to experience a pain free, calm, serene, effortless birth.

But HEY…, let’s be honest here: it’s a hell of a job to give birth! Lots of emotions are involved, pleasant and unpleasant ones. I encourage all women to let go of any myth around birth (be it heaven or hell) and dive in, ride the waves and embrace all emotions and physical feelings you will encounter in the journey of giving birth to your baby.

Let it all be there and set yourself free!

Let it all be there: the shame, the silence, the anger, the pleasure, the joy, the loneliness, the fear, the bravery, the calmness, the curiosity, the noise, the surprise, the despair, the trust, the beauty, the pain, the tears, the fun, the excitement, the ecstasy, the happiness…
All these emotions, all these feelings that you will meet and cannot ignore.
It’s there, it’s there for a reason. It’s there to challenge you to break free of all your barriers. You are invited to SURRENDER! To surrender to the waves of birth, like the waves of the ocean. Sometimes calm and serene, more often wild and deep and high!

Set free your wild woman to sigh, moan, groan, roar, howl, hurl and scream if you must. Let movement, voice and breath be your guide. Use your body to move, dance, shake and shiver. Use your voice to whatever sound it feels to make, whisper or howl. Use your breath to guide you along the waves of birth.

Don’t let anyone hush you or tell you to calm down and be silent if you feel the exact opposite! Don’t ever feel you are making mistakes or did not practice enough. Never doubt your inner wisdom.

Set yourself free. Unchain yourself. Be the wild woman you need to be if that is what you need to be.

Birth is all of it! Let’s enjoy the wave

Birth is rough, birth is messy, birth is loud, birth is calm, birth is silent, birth is serene, birth is both painless and painful. One moment you feel scared, another you are confident as never before. These are the waves you are riding.

And remember, you can never do anything wrong. You are at all times amazing.
So be proud of yourself! You deserve, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, to be proud of yourself. No matter what direction birth takes.
Always, always be proud of yourself!

I wish you to birth not only your baby, but yourself as well.