My journey towards harmony

by Innica Catharina Lane

Through life’s journey I’ve learned from experience many different variations and colors of relating. I would love to share with you the journey of being a woman devoted to bringing light to parental relationships and humanity.

Born and raised in Australia on a farm, my connection to the earth brought me sensory wonderment. But because my parents were expressing co-dependency, I grew up a witness to disharmonic relating which brought me deep feelings of sadness around my heart. These imprints drove me to self-enquiry through travels and studies the last 25 years, and brought me to know what it takes to feel connected in safe, loving spaces. It is through the feminine softened heart and connection to the elemental life, we may remember a unified state of presence.

Throughout my pregnancy

My daughter Jaiya-Storm was conceived in India in 2003, while in a state of ecstatic love with the hugging Divine Mother, Amma. It was a profound time of awareness and remembering how to simply be Love, as a child and as a woman.

While Jaiya was growing in my womb, I took special care to maintain the knowing that – all beings are divine; I sat in Vipassana meditation courses, studied how to raise conscious children, and continued psychological processes freeing up imprints of past. I endeavored to maintain an aware state; my personal practices were always with peace in mind, and I felt beauty radiate from my being.

The world is my mother

When Jaiya was born, I breastfed her always and can honestly say, I felt I was enlightened! I’d never known such an expanded duration of loving energy exchanged, for as long as I did with breastfeeding my daughter… I felt home, peace, completion.

At 5 months of age, my enquiring heart took us both on world journeys breastfeeding our way through cultures naturally studying children, families and communities. We lived in Italy, India and Asia. The question arose, “what makes these people smile? How connected do we feel?” Happiness was our barometer. Third world countries have been my biggest teacher, especially India, where mostly the children are raised embedded with knowledge of unity consciousness since birth. They perform rituals and initiations for children at different stages of their growth.

In the West, children are mostly raised with ‘individualized’ consciousness. It is from my research and experience that I’ve recognized the benefits of both and endeavored to raise my daughter integrally.

During her life, I witnessed Jaiya’s needs changing, and over time observed how to adjust and mature myself further as a loving emanation, as she became her individual self. Most importantly, as I looked after my basic human needs, I observed how this positively impacted my daughter’s emotional intelligence, and hence her capacity to communicate authentic needs in most environments.

Mothering; A personal practice

Raising conscious aware children is a personal practice and a constantly evolving creation. From conception to late teens, conscious parents go through processes of redefining and readjusting as the child’s needs evolve. For some it may be defined as a spiritual practice.

Now that Jaiya is a teenager, and her hormones are impacting her body-mind, we are capable to name clearly the issues needing love and presence, and are able to adjust with action. We become a symbiotic healing, alchemizing all kinds of patterns and Karma. Jaiya is now able to recognize herself as an emotionally aware, grounded and embodied individual.

Empowered Mothers, Empowered Children

In my opinion humanity is in need of empowered children to be brought into our communities for the betterment of humanity.

I am passionately inspired by the vision of intelligent, empowered change-makers for our future on this planet Earth. I am motivated to offer one-on-one Mentoring to parents, supporting and imparting wisdom in service, where our immediate families, local communities, societies and countries can experience a coherent harmonized reality.

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