Motherheart is a safe, loving and sacred space for mothers throughout all phases of motherhood. A space where you can be who you truly are, and connect from your motherheart with other motherhearts. It’s a place where you can fully embrace all there is, create awareness to heal and grow, and start living from your MOTHERHEART.


You can find Motherheart on- and offline, through articles, courses, guides, and at sharing circles, workshops and retreats.

We love to bring you that fertile ground, where the space opens up to connect with each other and all the beautiful knowledge and wisdom out there. We take the time to bring it into the world as we find it important to create with attention and care. Read more about it on our Organic Growth page. Our intention is to gradually offer more of our sharing’s with you and build that bridge between mothers in all different phases through all different forms.


“Don’t be afraid to speak from your heart and go deep with other mothers. Because within that deep space, is the source of our connection. That’s where we dissolve as individuals and solidify as one”
Anna Gannon

Connection, a sense of belonging and community are important pillars we need in our lives. Whenever we share, recognize, listen and simply be in a loving sacred space we create opportunities to connect on a deeper level. Support and understanding empower us to feel good, inspired and trustworthy on walking this beautiful path of motherhood.

WE ARE ALL MOTHERS! No matter what it looks like on the outside. MOTHERHEART really is a for every kind of mother! As women we all know mothers or are mothers. No matter which stage of life we are in. Motherheart opens up the space to all women that relate with being, becoming or having a mother.


All of these beautiful beings have chosen to be Sisters of Motherheart and share their existential knowledge with us. When we allow ourselves to share, we give others the opportunity to heal and live from their Motherheart. It’s an honour to introduce you to the Sisters of Motherheart:

Friday June 28th

With Lisanne Lambert Stoop

Friday June 28th from 19.30 to 21:30 at Delight Yoga Weteringschans, Amsterdam

When we become mothers, our memories of how we were mothered as a child are often awakened. As we bond with our children, it brings to the surface feelings about our own very first relationship, our relationship with our mother. As we transition into motherhood, who we are as a daughter also changes. In this Motherheart circle we will offer a warm and safe space to feel into our connection with our mothers. Whether she is still here or has already left this earth. Whether your relationship is painful or heartwarming or both at the same time. All is welcome. Together we will connect to our female lineage and sit together supported in truth. You will be guided through this gentle exploration with meditation, writing and mantra.